A Prickly Pairing: Four Ways to Embrace the Cactus Trend

While succulents have been a popular decorating choice for a few years now, this year the design world has focused in on the cactus as the plant of 2017.  A staple in the backgrounds of Westerns and Roadrunner cartoons the cactus can help set the scene in your house as well.  A terrific aspect of the cactus trend is that it can easily be adopted for almost any budget.  Versatile and flexible the cactus trend allows you to change up the look of your decor without requiring a complete makeover.  Here are some simple ways to welcome the cactus trend in your home.


Get A Cactus

The easiest way to embrace the cactus trend is to add some real cacti to your home.  Even though it’s a bit prickly, a nice green plant in the room instantly cheers up the space.  Since they’re natives to deserts cacti don’t need a ton of care to do well, just sunlight and some water.  Probably one of the things that kills a house cactus most often is actually over-watering.  There are hundreds of varieties of cacti all in different shapes and sizes.  With a little research (and perhaps assistance from your local plant nursery employee) you can find the perfect fit for your space.


Put Some Cacti on Your Walls

If you like the idea of seeing cacti in the room but don’t want to commit to the care of a living thing you can always turn to the walls.  A cactus print wallpaper allows you to surround yourself with cacti and not have to worry about a single one.  It also opens up options in terms of style.  You can go for something more photorealistic or get a more cartoonish cactus depiction.  An accent wall full of cacti is a quick way to give your decor a funky, southwestern vibe.


A Bed of Cacti

Since the cactus trend has reached fashion as well it’s easy to find cactus print textiles.  Sleeping on a bed of cacti may not sound that appealing, but cactus printed bedding will bring all of the style with none of the spikes.  Another textile cactus option is a tapestry.  This is a great alternative if you liked the idea above of cactus wallpaper but don’t want to make such a big change.  With a tapestry you can add some cactus landscape while creating a focal point above the furniture of your choice, such as the sofa or bed.



As with most trends, if you want to just dip your toe into the water the best way to do so is through accessories.  A couple of cactus shaped pillows on your sofa or bed will add a pop of color with natural charm.  You could also add some cactus themed artwork to the walls with photos or prints.  Cactus accessories will easily add splashes of green to your decor and help liven up the space in a fun way.



There’s something stoic about a cactus standing tall that allows is to add a touch of sophistication to space, while also still being fun.  Perhaps it’s their ability to survive tough conditions that’s especially inspiring to us this year but we’re definitely (figuratively) embracing the cactus as an addition to home decor.  Hopefully this post has encouraged you to as well.

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