All Natural: Four Ways to Add Organic Materials to Your Decor

It’s officially spring!  Everyone is ready to head outdoors and get some sunshine.  After a long, cold winter there’s nothing better than reconnecting with nature.  You can keep the spirit of spring year round though by incorporating organic materials into your interior design.  As more and more technology enters our home, it’s nice to balance it out with natural materials in organic designs.  Here are a few ways to bring some nature into your space.


Warm Woods

The easiest way to bring organic materials into your home is through wood furniture and accents.  Choosing pieces with a raw finish or live edge will really highlight the beauty of nature and make it feel like you’re bringing some of the outdoors inside.  Tables, like dining and coffee tables, are an ideal way to introduce raw wood into your space since they’re available in pretty much every style imaginable.  If you don’t want wood to be the centerpiece of the room, there are smaller wood accents that will still add a natural feel to the space.


Cozy Textiles

Fabrics can be another way to add touches of organic materials to your space.  Wool, cotton, and linen are all natural fibers that will add a sense of warmth to a decor.  An obvious way to include natural fabrics is through the upholstery of your furniture.  But don’t overlook the potential of rugsthrows, and pillows.  These accent pieces allow you to not only bring in organic materials but to play with color, pattern and texture within the space.


Cool Natural Stones

Marble and other natural stone surfaces are a sophisticated way to bring natural materials into your decor.  Similar to grain in wood, the veining and patterns in marble and stone will spotlight the beauty of natural materials while still being incredibly functional and durable.  Whether polished to a high gleam or left more matte the cool, smooth texture of marble and stone will add a nice balance to the warm texture of woods and textiles.


Friendly Houseplants

An obvious way to add nature to your decor is to literally bring nature inside with some charming houseplants.  Houseplants are a great organic way to add color to a room and harmonize a space.  They also improve the room by helping clean the air for you.  With planters to go with any decor there’s no excuse not to bring some greenery into your space.  If you weren’t born with a green thumb you can also add some plant life through flower arrangements in your favorite vases.


As sustainability becomes increasingly important, using renewable, natural materials for your home furnishings is not only a pleasant aesthetic choice, but an environmentally conscious one. It’s easy to bring nature indoors to add a sense of life to your space.  Just make sure you don’t take all the nature from outside while doing so.  When possible buy products made out of sustainable and renewable materials, and look for companies that are doing their part to help the environment.  If we want to keep having lovely spring weather, we need to do our part to keep Earth healthy.

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