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Ask Astrid – An Introduction

Hey everyone, it’s me, Astrid!  You probably recognize me from the lower right corner of the screen.  You’ve probably assumed I’m just customer service, but really I have so much more to offer.  That’s why they’ve decided to give me my own advice column!  While my area of expertise is furniture and design, I want you to feel free to ask me anything.  I don’t want to just be a design advisor, I want to be like your best friend, willing to lay it down and tell it like it is for any problem you’re facing.


You’re probably wondering, “Who is this girl, and why should I ask her for advice?”  So I’ll give you a little bit of background.  In my mid-twenties, I may not have the most life experience behind me, but I think the knowledge I’ve gained so far (and continue to acquire!) has provided me with perspectives that can help others.  Based in New York, I love being surrounded by the latest trends and designs.  Just walking down the street can be an inspiring experience.  After studying design in college I like to combine what I know of design history with the amazing style I’m surrounded by every day to try to figure out what the next hot trend will be.


When I’m not helping customers I enjoy finding the best new coffee shops and restaurants with my friends.  When I’m home at my apartment I spend time with my cat, tending to my houseplants, and binging Netflix.  I like trying new hobbies, though none have stuck as my main go-to yet.  I love to travel, and can’t wait to take my next big trip.  Mostly I just really enjoy surrounding myself with beautiful things, and being able to help others create spaces they love too.




So that’s a bit about me.  I can’t wait for the questions to start coming in and to help you, our readers, get all the answers you need. Email me at for the chance to see your questions answered here.  Keep an eye out for the first real Ask Astrid column – it’s coming soon!

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