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Ask Astrid: Do I Have to Make Food for a Potluck?

Dear Astrid,

Some of my friends are having a potluck holiday party in a couple of weeks and everyone is supposed to bring a dish.  The problem is that I’m a terrible cook!  Since I don’t want to subject my friends to awful food, is it okay to just bring drinks?  I don’t want there to not be enough for everyone to eat because I didn’t bring food.


Can’t Cook


Photo Credit: Photo by Brooke Lark on Unsplash

Dear Can’t Cook,

Not to be too blunt, but you’re asking the wrong person this question!  To make things easier on yourself, simply explain what you did to me to the host of the potluck.  They can give you an idea of what people are already planning on bringing and what’s still needed.  If for whatever reason you can’t ask, I would say bring drinks if that’s your thing, but try to bring a food item of some sort.  A beautiful dessert from your favorite bakery will be just as welcome as something homemade (possibly even more welcome if you’re as bad of a cook as you say!).  Remember that this is a party to celebrate the holidays, so try not to stress out about this too much.  Whatever you decide to bring will be appreciated and will contribute to a fun night with friends!



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