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Astrid Predicts: The Jeanneret Armchair

Astrid’s been hard at work combing through our new spring arrivals and she’s got some predictions on what’s going to be big this year.  Actually Astrid’s been looking at all the data to figure out what will be hot and what’s on its way out in the coming months. Today we’re going to focus on one of our newest pieces, and why Astrid feels this chair will soon be seen everywhere.  Let’s take a look at the Jeanneret Armchair.

The Inspiration

The Jeanneret Armchair is heavily inspired by the Chandigarh chair from the 1950s.  The Chandigarh chair was created for government officials in the city of Chandigarh, India.  The chair was designed with V-shaped legs and crafted from humidity and bug resistant wood, which ensured that they could withstand the test of time.  In the early 2000s Eric Touchaleaume of Galerie 54, François Laffanour, Philippe Jousse, and Patrick Seguin found the chairs discarded around the city, and bought them to bring home and refurbish.  This discovery is what lead to the chair’s revival.

The Designer

The original Chandigarh chair was designed by Pierre Jeanneret, a Swiss architect.  Hardcore mid-century modern enthusiasts may recognize the name, but many are likely unfamiliar.  He does, however, have a relative that even just passing design fans have heard of – Pierre Jeanneret is Le Corbusier’s cousin.  The two collaborated for about twenty years, designing and renovating numerous buildings in that time. One such collaboration was the plan and architecture for the city of Chandigarh in India, for which the chair was originally designed.  Jeanneret even stayed on in Chandigarh after its construction to advise the local government in his appointed role as Chief Architect of the city.

In the Home

While the original was designed for use in offices, this chair has a multitude of uses around the home.  Made from solid acacia wood and rattan this chair is sturdy enough to stand up to most tasks. One popular way to incorporate this chair into your space is to use it as a dining chair.  A sleek mid-century modern table surrounded by Jeanneret Armchairs will make a real impact. You could also use it in your home office or at an art desk. If you get the chair fully upholstered it could even be used in a living room or library.  No matter where you decide to put it, the Jeanneret Armchair is sure to look stunning.

With warm wood tones and open-weave rattan these chairs are perfect for mid-century modern inspired spaces as well as bohemian ones.  The simplicity of the design is beautiful and eye-catching, making it an ideal addition to almost any decor. Do you think you’ll add the Jeanneret Armchair to your home?  Do you think agree with Astrid that this chair is going to be the next big thing? Keep your eyes peeled – we’re sure this chair will be popping up everywhere soon!

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