Astrid’s Unique Finds for September: Brimfield Edition

The past few months we’ve been spotlighting unique finds from our site (and we’ll return to that next month!).  But this month’s Unique Finds post happened to coincide with the Brimfield Antique Show, which is full of unique finds.  Our lucky head of merch was able to go to the show and do some shopping for us. First we’ll take a look at what she saw there, and then we’ll see what she brought back!

Occurring twice yearly in Massachusetts and running since the 1950s, the Brimfield Antiques Show is the largest and most well known antiques show in the country.  Filled with thousands of dealers from all over the world, you never know what you’re going to find at Brimfield. The show runs six days and you definitely need at least two days if you want to try to see everything.  Here are just some of the sights from the most recent show.

Back at the office we got to see what all she’d bought and we were instantly filled with inspiration on how these pieces might work in the home.  So we put together some vignettes for your viewing pleasure.

The vintage glass beakers came from a high school that was being renovated and cleared out for new equipment.  The tin tile features work by designer Georges Briard.


Vintage shoe stretchers to help keep your shoes in shape, but we think they make a great decoration.


Ceramic hands, likely originally used to model gloves, would make an excellent jewelry holder, or just unique accent.


Vintage pull-down school maps give a glimpse of what the world used to look like.


Vintage rackets in their original cases are a must have accessory for tennis fans.  Meanwhile the slender black vases will look stunning on any table or bookcase.


These candle holders are the perfect pop of color.  They’ll look great in maximalist inspired spaces.


These old architectural drawings will look fantastic framed and hung on the wall, while the vintage Boy Scout pack is in good enough shape to be used, or could be hung as decoration as well.

If you like what you see, make sure to check out our Chelsea location, as these items will soon be on the shelves!  Not only what’s in pictures, but more maps, more beakers, and more tiles will be available for you to make your own.  If you’ve ever been to Brimfield we’d love to hear your experience and to see what you bought there! Let us know in the comments.