Be Our Guest: Seven Tips for Creating A Welcoming Guest Room

It’s the holiday season and lots of people are traveling to spend time with their loved ones.  That means there’s also a lot of people hosting their loved ones in their homes.  Hosting guests can be a lot of work, but spending time with happy guests is worth the effort.  If you don’t have a dedicated guest space, or if you haven’t touched the guest room since last year, it might be time to consider giving the guest space a bit of a refresh.  Here are some tips for making your guest room as welcoming as possible.

Provide a Comfortable Bed

Some people may have trouble sleeping in a bed that’s not their own no matter what, but you don’t want an old, uncomfortable bed to be why your guests aren’t getting a good night’s sleep.  If the mattress in your guest room is your old mattress you didn’t want anymore, it might be time to upgrade the guest bed.  Even a high quality air mattress is more comfortable than a broken down, lumpy regular mattress.  If the guest room ordinarily doubles as another type of room, like an office, you may consider having a sleeper sofa instead of a regular bed or air mattress.  Once you have the right foundation of a good mattress, it’s time to focus on the bedding.  Everyone has different sleeping temperature preferences, so supply a sheet, light blanket, and comforter so people can sleep as covered or uncovered as they like.  Also, don’t skimp on pillows!  Even if your guests only need a couple of pillows for sleeping on, they may want extra pillows to prop themselves up in bed to read or watch television.

Supply Adequate Storage

If your guests are only staying a night or two they probably won’t mind living out of their suitcase, but for any extended period of time they’ll want to unpack.  If there’s closet space make sure there’s enough hangers inside for guests to hang up their clothing.  If there’s no, or only a small amount of closet space, provide a dresser or chest of drawers for clothing storage.  Also make sure there’s a spot for guests to store their suitcase so they’re not tripping over it or having to move it on and off the bed.  A nightstand next to the bed is always a welcome addition as a space to keep an alarm clock, glass of water, or reading material.

Provide Privacy

No one wants to feel uncomfortable when their getting changed.  To ensure your guests’ privacy make sure that any windows in the room have curtains and/or blinds that can be easily closed.  The right window coverings will also give your guests better light control.  Blackout curtains will keep any prying eyes from seeing in, and keep morning light out should anyone want to sleep in.

Have Good Lighting

Since you don’t know everything your guests are going to want to do in the space, it’s best to provide layers of lighting.  Overhead lighting or a floor lamp are a good base for ambient light.  A table lamp or wall sconce next to the bed will give guests task lighting to read by but also a light source within reach should they have to move around during the night.  No one wants to stumble to the bathroom in total darkness.  If there’s a mirror or vanity in the room you may also want to make sure there’s good lighting there for guests who want to put on their makeup or do any other personal grooming.

Meet Any Electronics Needs

Your guests are likely going to have at least one, if not multiple, devices that will need to be charged.  Set up a charging station on a table or desk so guests don’t have to go searching or reaching in tight spaces for a free outlet.  It’s also nice to provide the WiFi password (if one is required) somewhere in the room.  If there’s a television in the room, provide any pertinent information needed for guests to smoothly find their favorite show (which remote does what, any required login info, etc.).

Supply Snacks

It can be really awkward for a guest when they get hungry but no one’s around in the kitchen.  Unless it’s someone who visits frequently and you’ve already given open cabinet privileges to, your guest likely won’t just help themselves.  A bowl of fruit, some cookies, or some other light snacks in the room will be a very welcome addition.  You may also want to include some bottles of water, or some glasses so they can help themselves to water from the kitchen.  If they do have open access to food and beverages, leave a note in the room telling them so.

Have a Tray

Placing the towels, linens, and anything else you’re leaving in the room for your guests on a tray will help signal to them that these are for their use.  When staying in someone else’s home, sometimes it can be tricky to tell what’s for you and what just happens to be in the room, so making it clear will help relieve any anxiety guests may have about using the wrong thing.  You may also want to put out a small tray for guests to keep their jewelry, pocket change, or anything else small, together in one place.

When putting together a guest room, think of what you like to have provided to you when you’re a guest.  If you make the experience one that you would enjoy, your guests are likely to enjoy it as well.  Giving your guests the comfort of home will help them feel at ease and able to delight in the holiday season.

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