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A Beginners Guide: Cool Bedroom Ideas for Kids Packed with Playfulness and Creativity (Guest Post)

Designing a bedroom for your kids is one of the most challenging tasks to handle because it’s not easy to please them, especially if you don’t have any idea on what to do just to make the room stylish and functional.

Puzzling on what style and process that you need? You can always try a modern, minimalist, or industrial approach, and just add little bright touches just to make it look more appealing. An excellent idea for the kid’s room is to reflect and express the hobbies of your kids, like sports, musical instruments and so on.

These imply that as a parent, you have to do some research for the right bedroom designs for your child. Here are some tips that can help you choose the best bedroom designs for your kids.

The Importance of Wall Stickers

Wall stickers are one of the great ways to add charm to your boys’ bedroom with all shapes and sizes. Let your son choose his favorite design and place it somewhere that he can easily see, such as drawers or the wall.

For you to have a cohesive look, try to pick stickers that complement your curtains and bedding and paint your walls with a muted and soft shade to ensure your wall sticker takes on the role of centerpiece.

Try to Utilize a Hanging Storage for your Kids’ Bedroom

Having a cowboy-print bed cover can create a boyish theme in your boys’ bedroom. However, by also using a plain background, it can help you to update their room as they grow up quickly.

Hanging storage is perfect for clearing all their inevitable mess. Spending for a chest of drawers can also help you with storing your extra beddings and clothes. Having a white chest of drawers is an excellent choice because it works equally well in a girl’s or boy’s bedroom.

Experiment with some Accessories for your Boys

Consider dealing with a scheme of all white color just to make your kids’ bedroom appear to be more spacious. By doing this, simply add color with brightly painted bed linen, artwork, and furniture.

You can also try adding cute bee decorations on your wall. For you to have this ornament, you will create first its wings with painting its head and legs first, then create a honeycomb pom poms by using paper to create its body.

Union Jack decor

Your kid’s room can be challenging to decorate because some of them like entertainment, bright colors, and themes. The most important thing that we should consider is their personality.

Try to experiment using some stripes to add a classic and pattern design. Don’t hesitate to try some striped bed cloth and Union Jack adornments, like floor covering and pads to add a fresher look that they will love.

Make sure that you will also incorporate storage like cabinets and bookcases to keep all their books flawlessly. If you are still having a hard time choosing designs that your child likes, you can always research further online. There are lots of trusted and reputable sites that you can use as a reference like Deal Wiki.


Choosing the right design may appear to be an exhausting task because it warrants good and proper planning. Designing a bedroom for your kids is not an easy task because it’s not easy to please your child while making their room stylish and functional. By following these tips and ideas, you can now choose your style on how to arrange and design your child’s space.


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Lisa Jones is a freelance writer and a home Furniture expert. She loves to write about some tips on how to arrange your living room furniture and bedroom improvement. In her free time, Lisa loves to play with her dog, Ellan.

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