Bright Lights: 2019 Lighting Trends

Lighting is super important to a room.  The right light can make a space shine while bad lighting can make a room almost unbearable.  Once you’ve found the perfect lighting you may be hesitant to change it out.  But time waits for no one, and trends keep changing, so eventually your favorite lamp might start to look a little stale.  So if it’s time to make a change, what better time than the beginning of a new year? Let’s take a look at what kind of lights will be illuminating spaces in 2019.  

Linear Designs

In 2019, look for ceiling lights to start taking up more horizontal than vertical space.  Linear ceiling lights that span the width of the room will add a fresh feel to contemporary and industrial style interiors.  Since they’re so large the fixtures will feature clean, simple lines and even exposed bulbs to help emphasize the design.

Big and Bold

Related to spanning horizontal lights, lighting in 2019 is going to continue to get bigger and bolder.  With wall colors and wallpapers becoming bolder lights have to compete more to get noticed, and one way they’re doing so is by growing in scale.  Look for large, oversized domes and branching chandeliers.

Natural Fibers

With the rise in popularity of bohemian style, wicker has been having a moment in interior design lately and has now reached lighting.  Natural fibers like rattan, rope, and other woven grasses add a sense of warmth and also texture in perhaps an unexpected spot. A natural fiber shade is also a great option if you’re looking to follow the big and bold trend since it’s more light and airy looking than metal, allowing size without visual weight.

Clear Pendants

A coming together of rustic and industrial design, clear pendants will be popping up more in 2019, especially in kitchen and dining areas.  Exposed Edison style bulbs can help add a touch of sophistication and keeps both the rustic and industrial charm. Multiple clear pendants hung at varying heights will help draw the eye to the lighting as well as create even ambient lighting.    

Sculptural Designs

Lighting that could double as art will also continue to grow in popularity in 2019.  Sculptural fixtures or lamps can be used as the statement piece in a room, bringing beauty and function ot the space.  This lighting will take on bold shapes with a modern twist. We wouldn’t be surprised if years from now some of these new lights ended up in design museums.

What trends in lighting do you think will be big in 2019?  Do you agree with our list, or think we got it totally wrong?  Which of these trends would you bring into your home? Let us know in the comments!  We look forward to seeing what ends up being the next big thing in lighting in the coming year.