Channel Surfing: Embracing the Channel Tufting Trend

Channel tufting has never really gone away – you can find it being used in restaurants and hotels around the world at pretty much any given time.  But it’s now enjoying a resurgence in popularity in the domestic setting as well.  Its last big moment was in the ‘70s and ‘80s, but it also has associations with Art Deco and old Hollywood glamour.  So what exactly is channel tufting?  Tufting in general is a way of anchoring filling and padding materials by stitching through all the layers from top to bottom and pulling the heavy thread tight.  Other familiar forms of tufting include biscuit tufting and diamond tufting.  In the case of channel tufting, equally spaced vertical or horizontal channels are created and then filled with their own piece of foam or stuffing, creating a wonderfully plush effect with a sophisticated aesthetic.  Here are some ways to add channel tufting to your space.

On the Walls

If you really want to embrace the channel tufting trend, you can create a tufted accent wall.  It will instantly add a plush, cozy feel to the room that’d be hard to get another way.  The channels can be used to highlight the size of the room – if horizontal channels are used the room will appear wider, if vertical is used it’ll draw the eye up.  From a practical standpoint it’s also a great way to insulate a wall for heat and sound.  With both practical and aesthetic applications, if channel tufting on the walls is something you’re into, we say go for it!

At the Head of the Bed

If there’s one place you can’t get enough coziness, it’s the bed.  A channel tufted headboard will add dimension to the room and complement any glam furnishings while also providing headboard padding comfortable enough for cuddling up while reading in bed.  No worries of accidentally hitting your head on the wall or a hard wood headboard.  When choosing a color, keep in mind that lighter shades will showcase the texture of the tufts while bolder hues help the tufted piece pop against neutral backdrops.

Sofas and Chairs

The most traditional way to incorporate channel tufting into you home is through the upholstery of sofas and chairs.  Channel tufting has a simplicity to it that creates a comfortable place to sit down and relax, all while keeping the piece looking clean and sophisticated.  Channel tufting adds linear dimension to the room which will lead the eye vertically or horizontally through the space.  The technique can be done with any material, from plush velvet to luxe leather.  Channel tufting rendered in velvet is full of glamorous old Hollywood style, while leather channel tufting has a bit more of a rustic vintage vibe.  Whatever your style you’ll likely be able to find a channel tufted chair or sofa that will look great in your space.

If this post has inspired you to bring some channel tufting into your life, make sure to check out our channel tufted collection.  Channel tufting can be a lot of look, but in a good way!  It makes a statement, adds great texture, and instantly adds a touch of both coziness and glamour to a space.  It can be styled to look more classic vintage or of the moment.  And it’s a trend that you can create yourself if you have sewing or upholstery skills.

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