Check It Out! Unbelievable Snow Creations

Here in New York we’ve been hit with our third nor’easter in as many weeks, so despite the fact that spring is (hopefully) right around the corner, we’ve got snow on our minds.  Snow can definitely be a bummer, especially if it interrupts plans you had. But snow can also be inspiring. Besides being beautiful as it falls, snow can bring out some people’s inner sculptor.  Instead of being depressed about more snow, we decided to take a look at some incredible snow sculptures.


Snow Owl:

Source: Instagram

Gulliver’s Travels:

Source: mpburrows via Flickr

Snowman Mailbox:

Source: imgur

Super Mario:

Source: dovio88


Source: tottie1129


Source: Team Magnolia – Erdene

Snow Dinosaurs:

Source: Starfires/Flickr

Snow Guard:

Source: Instagam

Snow Pup:

Source: Moffs_06


Source: Team Magnolia-Tserendash

Whether going for something more comical or artistic, it’s clear that snow can be used to go further than a simple snowman.  That being said, we’re still definitely ready for no more snow this winter!

Make sure to share your best snow creations in the comments!  We’d love to see them.