Coffee Shop Cool: Design Inspiration from the Most Instagrammable Cafes

Even if you don’t drink coffee, there’s something about the neighborhood cafe that’s just inviting.  It makes you want to go in, sit down, and just take a break from the world for a minute. Or maybe you find cafes to be a creative space, and go there to get work done.  Whichever the case, why wouldn’t you want to recreate this inviting environment in your own home? Today we’re going to take a look at some popular coffee shops to see what design ideas can be translated into the domestic space.

Plants, Plants, and More Plants

In case you hadn’t noticed, plants are having a moment.  As people realize the benefits of surrounding themselves with nature, the popularity of plants continues to grow, and they’re showing up in more and more places, like cafes.  You can look to coffee shops for ideas on how to integrate plants into spaces like the dining room and kitchen. You can also get an idea of what plants do well in what types of light based on what plants they have where.


Bold Geometry

If you want to become an Instagram stop, you need an eye-catching background that people can take pictures in front of.  In many cases this background features a bold geometric design. While you don’t necessarily want people lining up in your living room to take a picture in front of your wall, an accent wall with a bold geometric pattern will add a ton of character to a room.  Similar to it being a good photo background, it will also make a great background for any art or architectural feature in the space that you want to highlight.

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Modular Storage/Display

This one is actually somewhat related to the previous one since it takes geometric lines and angles and puts them on the wall.  This adds a functional aspect as well though. A large open shelving unit against the wall is a great way to add storage and visual interest to a space.  This is an especially good option if you have a lot of collectibles that you want to display and not just hide away.


Popular Pink

Some people are probably tired of seeing pink everywhere, pastel pink isn’t letting go of the spotlight yet.  Millennial pink has essentially become a neutral at this point, and is a great way to add a touch of softness and whimsy to a space.  It pairs perfectly with gold, marble, gray, and even shades of blue. Even if you don’t want to go all out with pink walls or furniture, pink accessories are always a nice touch.


Soothing Scandinavian

Featuring the clean lines of minimalism without quite so much starkness, Scandinavian design is a wonderful option for creating an inviting space.  Warm wood tones are contrasted with clean whites and other light neutrals to create a space that feels welcoming and doesn’t overwhelm the senses.  If you go to cafes to work, you may want to borrow Scandinavian design for your home work space. The uncluttered design leaves space for creativity and focus.


There’s design inspiration everywhere you look.  Once you become familiar with a place it’s easy to overlook what it really looks like.  But if you find yourself enjoying spending time somewhere, stop and take a closer look. Once you identify what elements make a space enjoyable to you, you can translate them into your own home, creating a space you love even more.  So next time you stop by the neighborhood cafe, you might leave with more than just coffee, but a new design idea as well!

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