Weekend Inspiration: Color Palette Contemplation

What better way to spend the weekend than looking at some beautiful interiors and dreaming about how to interpret them into your own space?  We put together some color palettes to inspire your design daydreams and now are pitting them against each other to see which one reigns supreme.

Coming Soon
Cool Farmhouse 6 ( 33.33 % )
Warm Bohemian 1 ( 5.56 % )
Modern Neutral 8 ( 44.44 % )
Pastel Rainbow 3 ( 16.67 % )

Here’s the palettes a bit larger so you can see them better.

Cool Farmhouse

Warm Bohemian

Modern Neutrals

Pastel Rainbow

Which is your favorite?  Which would you think about using in your space?  Let us know in the comments!

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