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Come to the Dark Side: Five Ways to Decorate With Black

Move over millennial pink!  A recent survey by paint giant Sherwin-Williams found that 41% of millennials chose black as their favorite color.  But actually it’s not even necessarily a generational thing – the survey found that overall blue and black were the favorite color choices for all ages.  While black can sometimes seem a bit funereal and depressing, when done right it can also be sophisticated, dramatic, and even a little sexy.  Black can help unite otherwise visually different elements and help other colors pop even more.  You may be a bit nervous about committing to such a dark color, but fear not!  Here are some easy ways to work black into your decor.


As An Accent Wall

Painting an entire room black may seem a bit overwhelming, and is definitely a big commitment.  Instead you can use it to create a stunning accent wall.  Though you probably think of white as being the go-to for gallery style art displays, black can actually be a great way to highlight your favorite works of art and family photos, as it allows any colors or white borders to really stand out.  It will also quickly draw guests eyes to the wall itself.  If the wall has an architectural feature you want to highlight black can do that too.



With White and Pops of Color

Black and white is a classic color scheme that’s easy to embrace and that will lend your space a timeless quality.  Consider the size and amount of lighting in the room when determining whether to make black or white the predominant color.  Once you have the black and white ratio settled you can accessories with accent colors to really make the whole space pop and bring a more modern feel to a classic color palette.



To Delineate and Highlight

Adding black in key places around the home can help highlight and delineate certain areas.  If the main color of your walls is white or another light neutral painting the trims of the room can give it a more anchored look.  Black trim can give rooms a sleeker look and help make them appear larger.  Black interior doors are also a unique way to highlight the threshold of a room.  For open floor plan spaces a thoughtful use of black can help mark out the boundaries of specific areas.



With Accessories

As with almost any color or trend you’re considering bringing into your space, the easiest way to do so is through accessories.  Since they’re easy to swap out there’s less commitment anxiety.  Black accessories throughout a room can really help ground the space and tie things together.  You can go big and have a black sofa and/or lounge chair, or smaller with black lighting fixtures or accessories like pillows and throws.  Touches of black throughout the space will help create a unified look.



On the Floor

If you’re worried a black room will be too intimidating, consider using black on the floor.  It’s been proven that the darkest color in the room being at your feet and the lightest overhead makes people feel more comfortable and relaxed.  Concrete or hardwood floors painted black will create a minimal but welcoming aesthetic.  Tile is another easy way to add black to the floor or a room, especially since you can then also play with pattern and additional colors.  If you don’t want to permanently change your floor you can also always toss a few black rugs around the space.



One of the best things about the color black is its versatility.  It can be used in any room in any style.  It can be be masculine, feminine, serious, fun, severe, or romantic depending on how you use it.  The options for how to use black are almost limitless.  You can think of black in interior design as you would black in fashion – it’s a great foundation that needs some accessories to really make it pop.  It’s also similar to fashion in that it helps make things and spaces seem slimmer and less bulky.  A bit of black is practically a cure-all for any uninspired space.

Okay, I found way too many awesome interiors that used black, so here are some more to inspire you:






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