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Creepy Cocktails: Ten Drinks to Keep Your Halloween Party Going

Halloween is now just a week away!  That means there’s probably going to be a ton of Halloween parties this weekend.  Hopefully you have your costume squared away already, giving you time to focus on what to serve to guests.  While you don’t need alcohol to have a good time, thematically appropriate drinks are always a nice touch!  We’ve rounded up ten drink recipes we think will help set the scene for your Halloween party.

Jack-O-Lantern Cocktail


Photo Credit: S&C Design Studios


What’s more Halloween than pumpkins?  These lovely orange cocktails look like pumpkins once garnished, though they don’t actually have any pumpkin in them.  Featuring orange juice and Cognac the cocktail gets its pumpkin appearance from an orange wheel with a lime twist poked through.

Black Magic Margaritas


Photo Credit: Alexa Payesko


Food coloring gives your favorite tequila cocktail a spooky hue that’ll rival any witch’s brew.  The recipe uses black sanding sugar for the rim, but if you’re a traditionalist black sea salt will give the same black rim but with the salty flavor you’re looking for.

Swamp Water Surprise


Photo Credit: Shannon Graham


Expecting some bog monsters to crash your party?  This murky cocktail will help them feel right at home.  Pulpy orange juice gives this drink its swampy appearance, while the surprise comes in the form of spiked Jello that’s been whisked into a plasma-like substance.  You can use any color or flavor of Jello that you think will give the best swampy look.

Glowing Jello Shots


Photo Credit: Ethan Calabrese


Fun fact: tonic water will glow under ultraviolet light.  So if you plan on having a blacklight at your party, this is the drink to serve.  Using tonic water to make the Jello will give these shots a wonderfully eerie glow any ghost will appreciate.

The Witch’s Heart


Photo Credit: The Flavor Bender


This stunning cocktail is sure to impress every guest.  The drink gets its sparkle from shimmery liqueur with optional dry ice bringing a smoky effect.  The key is to make sure the dry ice is completely crushed so that it will melt away before anyone tries to take a drink.  If you’re nervous about working with dry ice feel free to skip it – the shimmering drink will still be mesmerizing.

Dark and Stormy Death Punch

Dark and Stormy Punch.png

Photo Credit: Food & Wine


A unique take on the classic rum drink the Dark and Stormy, this punch gets its spook factor from the round ice cubes with an uncanny resemblance to eyeballs.  The eyeballs are actually lychees stuffed with brandied cherries.  Refreshing and creepy – the perfect Halloween party combination!

The Wolf Bite


Photo Credit: Shannon Graham


This colorful drink is sure to make a splash at any Halloween party.  A drizzle of grenadine slowly sinks to the bottom of the glass and creates a blood red cloud that stands out from the rest of the bright green beverage.  The color isn’t the only surprise this drink has to offer however – a splash of absinthe packs a punch of anise flavor at the end.

Bloody Black Currant Punch


Photo Credit:


Looking for a drink that will match your black and orange color scheme?  Look no further.  This punch uses black currant nectar to get its nearly black hue.  Best of all for the busy party host, the punch can be made up to three days in advance.  Just add the seltzer right before serving.

Purple People Eater


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This cocktail gets its chilling purple color from a combination of cran-grape juice, grenadine, and blue curacao.  The amounts can be adjusted to get the exact shade of purple you desire.  Purple sugar around the rim is the perfect finishing touch.

Spiced Pumpkin Lassi

Spiced Pumpkin Lassi.png

Photo Credit: Food & Wine


To reward the designated drivers at your party or just to start winding the event down, make this creamy, pumpkiny treat.  Made using sugar pumpkin and yogurt this beverage will make you feel like you’re drinking pumpkin pie.

Hopefully these drinks have helped to get you in the Halloween spirit!  As fun as they look, remember they are still alcoholic, so consume your witch’s brew responsibly.  Catch a ride home on someone else’s broomstick if necessary.  We don’t want a night of fun Halloween mischief to end sadly.