Curves in All the Right Places: Why We’re Embracing the Curvy Furniture Trend

A few months ago we looked at interior design styles from the 1970s and discovered that a lot of ‘70s style can be fairly easily worked into current interiors.  It’s about to get even easier to put a modern spin on the retro look because curvy furniture is back in a big way.  Curved sofas and chairs made the circuit at design shows the past couple of years and now they’re available to the masses.  Now that they’re in stores and available at reasonable prices, let’s take a look at why the curvy furniture trend is one to bring home.

New Energy

Swapping out big, boxy sofas and chairs for curvy, C-shaped sectionals and circular club chairs will instantly give your space a new energy.  Curvy furniture has a great balance of modern and feminine, which fits right in with other 2019 interior design trends. The new energy isn’t just entirely aesthetic either.  Studies have shown that curvy furniture evokes more feelings of relaxation and hope over their hard-line alternatives.

Easier Conversations

How annoying is it when you’re at a party, sitting on one end of the sofa and trying to have a conversation with someone on the other end?  It’s super annoying because you feel so far away from each other. Enter the curved sofa.  Since the ends curve in, you’ll be closer to the person you’re conversing with and able to see them better without having to contort your body.  Even curved chairs tend to be more conducive to conversation than their boxy brethren since there aren’t hard lines blocking you off from other people.

Mix and Match

A good thing about the curvy furniture trend is that you don’t have to go in full stop.  Curves still pair well with more geometric designs, and these contrasts can create truly interesting spaces.  Consider adding a geometric print rug under your curvy sofa, or a geometric wallpaper on the wall behind it. Lighting is also a great opportunity to play with mixing and matching curves and lines.

There’s Always Poufs

If you’re digging the curvy trend but can’t afford to (or just don’t want to) replace all of your furniture, you can always get a nice big pouf.  An oversized floor pouf will provide the on trend curves while also adding a soft and cozy vibe to your space.  Fun to look at, and super versatile we’ll take any reason to add some more poufs to our rooms.

Curvy furniture also pairs perfectly with another trend that’s still going strong – velvet.  Get yourself a curvy velvet sofa and you may never leave home again.  What do you think of the curved furniture trend? Is it one you’ll be embracing, or will you stick to more linear designs?  Let us know in the comments!