Engaging Earthenware: Three Ways to Embrace the Terracotta Trend

Getting its name from the Italian for “baked earth,” terracotta is a type of earthenware pottery than can be used for everything from roof tiles to sculpture.  Perhaps it’s a bit weird to call terracotta a trend since it’s been around almost as long as humans.  But even though it’s been around for a very long time, that doesn’t mean it hasn’t fallen in and out of favor as a medium of choice.  Right now terracotta is currently enjoying a resurgence in popularity.  From old world rustic to modern terracotta can work in just about any styled space.  Below are some easy ways to work the terracotta trend into your home decor.



Tiles for Miles

A traditional way to add terracotta to your interior is through terracotta tiles.  By choosing tiles that have a matte finish it can help prevent them from appearing dated and like the terracotta border tiles that were popular in the 1980s.  A natural fit for rustic Mediterranean or Southwest styles, terracotta tiles can also add warmth and help ground modern interiors in an elegant way.  Though it requires some maintenance, terracotta is overall rather durable, as well as naturally fireproof making it a great option for use around a fireplace.



Paint the Town

Or just your walls.  Terracotta has become popular not just as a material but also as a color.  Though most recognizable for its orange and red hues, terracotta can also be found in pinks, grays, and browns so there’s plenty to work with when it comes to putting together a terracotta color palette.  A room with terracotta on the walls will feel warm, earthy, and inviting.  You can pair it with other earth tones for a natural, rustic feel, with blacks and whites for a more modern look, or jewel tones for a more bold, eclectic/bohemian style.  Terracotta is practically a neutral because it can pair so well with other colors.



Eyes to Accessorize

As always, one of the easiest ways to work a trend into your current decor is through accessories.  Since the terracotta trend extends to both the material and the color there are a ton of options when it comes to accessories.  If you want to incorporate terracotta itself you can add some terracotta flower potsvaseslamp bases, or earthenware bowls and trays.  If you’re interested more in just the color you can add rugspillows, bedding or even larger pieces of furniture like sofaschairs or ottomans.  Though often associated with rustic styles, terracotta works just as well in contemporary design, and with so many accessory options it’s easy to find a way to work it into your decor.


With a range of new techniques and styles available it’s no surprise that terracotta has fallen into favor again.  With so many different ways to incorporate it into your home this is a trend that can work with almost any budget.  Whether it’s adding some plants in terracotta pots or re-doing your kitchen floor in terracotta tile you’ll quickly see the benefits of adding this warm, earthy material and color to your decor.

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