Fashionable Flowers: Three Ways to Bring the Bold Florals of the Spring Runways Home

Spring has sprung and everyone is thinking of flowers.  Few things are more associated with spring than flowers.  They start popping up once the weather starts getting warm and bring color back to the landscape after a monochrome winter.  For Spring 2017 fashion designers took the sense of brightness and renewal of flowers and brought it to their collections.  Let’s take a look at some of the bold florals that walked the runways and how they can be interpreted in interior design.

Many designers included florals in their Spring 2017 collections.  Designers such as Michael Kors, Tory Burch, Marchesa, and Jason Wu all featured florals in their runway shows.  Club Monaco and Marques Almeida also gave their take on florals for spring.


Michael Kors:


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Tory Burch:


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Untitled collage (2).jpeg


Jason Wu:


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Club Monaco:


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Marques Almeida:


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When you think of floral patterns in the home, visions of your grandmother’s couch and curtains may spring to mind.  But florals don’t have to look stuffy or old fashioned.  They certainly have their place in traditional design, but can also look great when incorporated into transitional decors.  They can bring the classic feel of traditional florals and balance it with the bold colors and patterns found in contemporary style.  You can even add florals to your mid-century modern inspired spaces if you find a more retro looking floral like those in the Michael Kors collection.  Floral prints as an accent can bring a soft femininity to balance the cool sleekness of modern interiors.  Whatever your personal style, here are some ways to work floral into your decor.


Starting Small

If you’re worried adding a lot of florals to your space will turn it into your grandma’s living room, try starting small.  A good place to start are some floral throw pillows.  The pillows will add a brightness to the room without overwhelming the design.  You could also try adding a floral patterned rug.  Obviously this will be bigger than a pillow, but since it’s underfoot and not in the immediate line of vision it won’t be too obtrusive.  You also can’t go wrong with hanging some floral themed pieces of art on the wall.




Finding the Middle Ground

If you’re ready to embrace florals a bit more, you can move up to floral upholstery.  This is a better option for traditional or transitional spaces than modern ones, but a cozy sofa or lounge chair in a beautiful floral upholstery will instantly add a classic femininity to the space.  A floral upholstered ottoman would also be a nice touch.  If you’re still a bit wary of floral furniture you could look into floral curtains, and bedding as well if in the bedroom.




Go All Out

When you’ve got floral fever it’s time to go all out.  By that I don’t mean make everything in the room have a floral print.  To go all out take advantage of the trend of temporary wallpapers and wallpaper murals and add a bold floral to your wall.  Limit it to one accent wall to prevent it from becoming overwhelming and to create more impact.  With a bunch of different options you can create a space that feels like spring year round, or one that’s more bold and dramatic.



You may think it’s easier to embrace florals as a fashion trend than a home design one, since dresses, shirts, and jackets are easier to change with the seasons or donate once the trends change than furniture is.  But a well selected floral added to your space can bring a timeless quality to the design that will outlast trends.  Let’s bring a fresh take to florals and take them out of grandma’s living room and push them into contemporary spaces (sorry grandma!).

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