Forever Young: How to Get Everything You Wanted as a Kid in Your Grown-Up Home

One of the frustrations of being a kid is wanting something and not being able to get it because your parents won’t buy it for you and you can’t afford to get it yourself.  One of the perks of being an adult is being able to buy whatever you want. While it’s still best to be responsible with that credit card, sometimes it’s fun to indulge your inner-child, and get some of the things you weren’t able to get in the past.  Let’s take a look at how to make some must-haves from when you were a kid work in your grown-up home.

Bean Bag Chair

Who didn’t want a big bean bag chair in their room to plop down in at the end of the day?  It was the perfect spot to read, watch TV, or play video games. The downside? Somewhat impossible to get up out of sometimes.  Luckily modern, adult bean bag chairs have a bit more structure, making them more viable for actual seating. These grown-up counterparts are still cozy, comfortable, and a great place to relax at the end of the day.


Bunk Bed

When you were a kid, you’d fight to get top bunk, because we all know it was the best sleepover spot.  As an adult, a loft bed can be an excellent way to get the most out of your space. Bed up top and storage or office space down below, it’s a great solution for studio apartments or other small homes.  You can still have the thrill of literally climbing into bed at night while maintaining a fabulous grown-up home.



As a kid a hammock was fun because you got to lay down and still swing.  As an adult you realize that hammocks can be a super peaceful spot to relax.  Thanks to the growing popularity of bohemian style hammocks don’t look out of place indoors anymore.  A hammock in the bedroom or living room will add a sense of bohemian charm, as well as provide you with a gently swaying spot to unwind.



There was nothing cooler as a kid than having your own play tent.  Using your imagination it could become a fort, clubhouse, castle, or anything else you wanted it to be.  While you probably won’t be playing make-believe as an adult (unless you have kids), an indoor teepee or tent can be a fantastic reading nook.  It provides enough privacy to get lost in what you’re reading without totally closing you off from the rest of the home.



As a child lockers were cool because that’s what high schooler’s got to keep their stuff in.  As a grown up lockers a nostalgic throwback to high school days. Available in a variety of sizes and colors lockers are actually a good storage option, if you like the aesthetic of them.  With a design that hasn’t changed in decade they’ll never go out of style or look dated.


So many interior designers got their start designing their own rooms as children.  What you liked as a kid doesn’t need to be left behind as you grow up. If you always wanted a bunk bed – go for it!  If you were always jealous of your friend’s bean bag chair, get one now! There are plenty to stylish ways to work the things you always wanted as a child into your home now.  What element from your childhood room would you most want in your home now? Let us know in the comments!