Fresh From the Oven: Top Five Kitchen Trends of 2018

Kitchen renovations can be a big (and pricey) undertaking, so most people want their kitchens to have a more timeless look to them that won’t need to be changed often.  But that doesn’t stop new trends in kitchen design from popping up every year. You don’t need to go updating your kitchen every time a new trend arrives, but if you happen to be renovating your kitchen or building a new kitchen, here are the top five kitchen trends of 2018 that you can keep in mind.

Two-tone and Wood Cabinetry

Like many trends from the ‘90s, wood cabinetry is making a comeback.  This updated version is less intense than its earlier iteration and has a more unfinished quality than an overly detailed one.  The natural wood tend is also being combined with the trend for two-toned cabinetry. Two-toned cabinets help bring warmth into the kitchen and keep it from feeling too sterile by playing with color and texture.  You can either use two different paint colors or pair paint with a natural wood tone.


No Upper Cabinets

Despite the paragraph above being dedicated to cabinet colors, another trend in kitchens this year is the elimination of upper cabinets.  This is especially the case in more minimalist kitchens. What started last year as a trend toward open shelving above counters is morphing this year into just no storage past countertop level.  Obviously this trend isn’t for everyone – many people need the storage space provided by cabinets or shelves. But for minimalists who don’t have much that needs to be stored, the bare walls can be an opportunity to add more windows or just to continue the clean, sleek look of the rest of the interior.


Banquette Seating

Open kitchens that aren’t closed off from the rest of the house have been popular for awhile now.  A new trend that’s emerged from that trend is banquette seating. Built-in banquette seating is the perfect way to bridge the space between kitchen and formal dining space or the living space.  Out of the way of the hustle and bustle of the kitchen but still close enough to interact with those working a casual breakfast nook with banquette seating is a great addition to any kitchen that has the space for it.



Not to toot our own horns or anything, but we called out the terrazzo trend back in January and it’s only been growing stronger since then.  Terrazzo has especially become popular in the kitchen, where it can be used as flooring, countertops, or backsplashes.  Terrazzo is a great opportunity to add color and pattern to your kitchen, especially since it’s so customizable. If terrazzo is just not your thing but you’re looking to freshen up your backsplashes, square tiles are also growing in popularity this year.

Bold Lighting

While you may still want your recessed lighting to take care of the bulk of your kitchen illumination, now is the time to take chances with your kitchen accent lighting.  Instead of a row of pendants over your kitchen island, consider opting for one large statement piece, or creating an asymmetrical vignette using pendants of various sizes.  Also don’t be afraid to branch out in style.  Bohemian inspired lighting is starting to replace industrial in popularity in the kitchen.


A well designed kitchen can add tremendous value to a home, while a poorly designed or unattractive kitchen has the opposite effect.  It’s important to choose wisely when looking at kitchen design trends, but when done correctly you can follow trends and still end up with a space that doesn’t look dated in a couple of years.  Which of these trends would you most like to have in your kitchen? What style do you like best for kitchens? Let us know in the comments!

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