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Fringe Benefits: How Fringe Is Making A Comeback

Those of you who follow fashion trends already knew that fringe was making a comeback.  Runway trends often make their way into interior design so it was just a matter of time before fringe started popping up in decor as well.  This isn’t the first time fringe has been popular in interiors, and as with most trends, it likely won’t be the last time either. While some people can’t look at fringe without thinking of their grandmother’s lamps, others are ready to give fringe another chance.  Let’s take a look at the fringe trend and how it can be worked into today’s spaces.

Fringe in the Past

Fringe was originally used for furniture as a way to keep textile trims from unraveling.  Since then fringe has come in and out of style a few times, but it’s most closely associated with the Victorian style and ‘60s hippie culture.  While it was rather fabulous at the time, Victorian style fringe came to be seen as stuffy and grandmotherly. This is especially the case when most of the furniture and/or lighting in the room was decked out with fringe.

Fringe Now

Modern fringe aims to be lighter and is much more in tune with bohemian style than Victorian.  As bohemian style and maximalism continue to grow in popularity it makes sense that fringe is growing along with them.  Fringe makes a statement and helps you create a space that feels unique and customized. When you see fringe in interiors today, it’s as a beautiful accent, and not an overwhelming and stuffy detail.

How to Add Fringe to Your Space

Fringe is a great way to add texture to your space – you just need to be careful to avoid going overboard.  While it may go against the maximalist ethos, when it comes to fringe less is more. Use it as an accent and mix with light and leggy pieces of furniture to avoid recreating a Victorian space.  Some easy ways to add fringe are through throw pillows, throw blankets, and rugs. These are especially good options because they can easily be changed out if you tire of the trend.

If you’re feeling a little more opulent you can look for light fixtures with fringe (either fabric or metal).  These will add a wonderful touch of glamour to a room. For boho fans there’s always macrame and other woven hangings that can be placed on the wall.  If you’re feeling really adventurous you could get furniture with fringe at the bottom. This is the biggest investment though, so you need to really be committed to fringe.

While this trend may not be the best for those of you with cats (it’s perhaps a bit too inviting for shredding…), we think this is a trend that most people can easily work into their decor.  Fringe allows you to add texture, color, and visual interest all in one piece, so it’s definitely an element worth considering. If this post has persuaded you to add some fringe to your life, make sure to check out our Modern Fringe collection!  And if you’re already rocking the fringe trend in your space, we’d love to see pictures!