Game On! Five Tips for An Awesome Game Room

Whether a family game night, games with friends, or just playing video games or working on a jigsaw puzzle solo, everyone enjoys playing games.  And if you’re the go-to host for game nights you probably feel the need for a space dedicated to games.  If you’re lucky you have a room in your house that can be turned over to just such activities.  Putting together a spot for games is fairly easy, but setting up a game room has more concerns to take in consideration.  Here are some tips for putting together a game room that’s fun, functional, and stylish.

Make Sure You Have Enough Space

It’s easy to see if a table will fit into a space; it can be harder to visualize the people interacting with the table fitting into the space.  But this is a very important aspect of a game room.  If you’re including a gaming table like for billiards, Foosball, or table tennis there needs to be plenty of room for people to move around the table.  Even just a regular table for board games or puzzles needs to have the space people take up taken into consideration.  There has to be room for chairs and for people to sit down and get up from the chairs.  Therefore the first step in setting up your game room is making sure that there’s enough space for sufficient, uninhibited movement.

Plan for A Variety of Games

If a game room only has one game, it’s not living up to its full potential.  Prioritize the games/activities you enjoy most and make sure there’s room for them, but also try to include space for others as well.  If you’re putting in a pool table, consider adding a smaller table off to the side so those not playing can still play cards or a board game.  If there’s room for a television you can create a board game area and a video game area.  It’s always nice to have alternatives available for anyone not interested in participating in the current game being played.

Have Ample Seating

Even if most of the games in your game room require you to stand while playing, game rooms are about relaxation, so make sure there’s enough seating for everyone.  Some cozy lounge chairs or even a sectional sofa will give guests a place to rest in between turns.  Ottomans are a great addition to game rooms because they can be used as extra seating, an extra tabletop, or just for putting feet up and relaxing.  If the game room is going to be mostly for board games consider getting stackable seating that can be easily stored away when not in use but brought out for big game nights so everyone feels included.

Provide Enough Light

For game rooms set up mainly for video games lighting isn’t as much of a priority since the screens provide illumination (and some people even prefer playing in the dark), but for all other game rooms people need to see what they’re doing.  Game rooms really benefit from layering light.  Overhead lighting can provide ambient light no matter what’s going on while table lampsfloor lamps, and wall sconces can add the task lighting needed for specific activities.

Consider Soundproofing

Game nights can get rowdy when the competition heats up, so if you’re in an apartment building with neighbors sharing a wall or the game room ends up being by a bedroom you might want to consider soundproofing the space.  Carpeting and thick curtains will help cut down on the amount of sound escaping, but if that’s not your style there’s still other options.  Channel tufted wall panels will absorb sound, and even just some great tapestries will help.  If you’re constructing the room from scratch you can build the soundproofing into the walls.

Decor for game rooms wasn’t mentioned in this post because really you can decorate it however you like.  If you want a game room that reflects your hobbies – go for it.  If you want a more sleek, minimalist game space, that’s great too.  Once you have your game room set up all that’s left is to have some people over and play games!  If you’ve set up the room right it’ll quickly become everyone’s favorite spot to get together and spend time relaxing.

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