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Guest Post: Hardwood Flooring Options

Floors Are an Important Part of a Building’s Ambience 

When you are designing a new home or business, you might not think that the flooring is important, but it is one of the most essential parts of the building. A building’s floors are used on a daily basis, and when the materials are in poor condition, it is impossible to walk into a room. In addition, you will want to have attractive floors that will last a lifetime. Most property owners want to have traditional hardwood floors that are available in a variety of styles and colors. Some of the most popular hardwood flooring materials will include:

• Oak
• Maple
• Walnut
• Cherry
• Mahogany


You Can Find a Variety of Hardwood Tiles and Planks At Flooring Stores

Flooring manufacturers produce different sizes of planks or tiles so that you can create a particular ambience in a room. The natural color of each type of hardwood can vary, but you can also paint or stain the material. In some cases, property owners want to use a combination of hardwoods to create a decorative effect.


There are Different Styles of Hardwood Flooring Materials

While shopping for hardwood flooring, you can see the different styles of cuts, including:

• Rift
• Quarter
• Flat 

It is possible to buy engineered wood flooring that has two or more varieties of hardwood. With this type of flooring, the most expensive hardwood is placed on top to cover a less expensive variety of wood. The types of engineered hardwood floors include:

• Laminates
• Acrylic-impregnated 
• Veneer


Choosing Between Pre-finished or Unfinished Hardwood Products

You can find unfinished or pre-finished hardwood products at flooring stores. If you want a fast installation, then pre-finished hardwood is an excellent option because the technicians can lay the planks or tiles quickly and leave the building. Alternatively, unfinished hardwood is installed in one process, but the technicians must return to sand, stain or paint the materials.


Types of Hardwood Installation Systems

Here are the different types of installation systems for hardwood floors:

• Floating – doesn’t require adhesives because the planks interlock
• Gluing method – the hardwood is glued to the concrete underneath
• Connection – planks attach on all sides to each other
• Click – planks are tapped into place easily 
• Tongue and groove – the planks fit together with locking mechanisms


Hardwood Materials Require Proper Installation

To ensure that the hardwood materials fit correctly and look beautiful, the technicians must measure a room carefully. You won’t want floor tiles or planks that are widely spaced because household dust will collect in the grooves between the material and the heels of your shoes may catch in the cracks. At the same time, if the hardwood materials are installed too closely, then you will hear creaking and popping noises while walking on the floors.


How To Protect the Hardwood Floors In a Building

Protecting a room’s hardwood flooring will make it more durable and can prevent damage from moisture or dirt. There are several ways to protect hardwood, including:

• Polyurethane 
• Natural oils
• Wax
• Varnishes
• Lacquers
• Shellacs


Learn How To Care For a Building’s Hardwood Floors To Protect The Materials

After installing a hardwood floor, it is vital to care for it properly by preventing scratches or discolorations. You can avoid having scratches on the hardwood tiles and planks by using plastic or metal leg protectors on heavy furniture such as couches or dining room tables. If you have family pets, then keep the animals’ toenails trimmed to prevent scratches on a home’s hardwood floors. It is also imperative to protect high traffic areas of your home with carpet runners or rugs. Use as little moisture as possible while mopping a hardwood floor to avoid damaging the materials, and don’t use hard-bristled brooms or heavy-duty vacuum cleaners.


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