Hall Monitor: Five Ways to Get Standout Hallways

We walk through hallways every day, yet somehow they’re often forgotten about when decorating.  Just because you don’t necessarily spend time lingering in the hallway, doesn’t mean the space should be boring and bland.  Hallways are a great way to keep the flow of your style continuing through the home and tying everything together.  Since they’re typically a smaller space they also provide an ideal opportunity to experiment with bolder designs you may be hesitant to try in larger areas.  Whether trying something new or going with the current flow  here are some ways to make your hallways stand out.


Go Bold with Paint or Wallpaper

A fresh coat of paint is one of the easiest ways to update a space.  A new bold color or inspired color combinations can instantly upgrade this frequently featureless area.  If you want to introduce some pattern as well as color, wallpaper is another simple way to enhance your hallway.  Temporary wallpapers have made it easier than ever to add color and pattern to your walls.  While size doesn’t necessarily limit what colors or patterns can be used, you should keep the size of the hallway in mind when making your choices.  With large hallways you can go as bold as you want, but smaller spaces should keep an eye on scale so they don’t become overwhelmed with pattern.  If you want your hallway to appear larger than it actually is, opt for a lighter color.


Create an Art Gallery

Hallways are pretty much all wall space, and what wall is complete without some art?  You can take inspiration from galleries and museums and line the hallway with your favorite pieces of art and personal photos, or you can create clusters of artwork in various spots down the hall.  Whichever your approach, the addition of artwork to the hallway will add personality to the space that it was likely previously lacking.  Art is also a good way to add color to the hall if you’re hesitant to add bright color and pattern directly to the wall itself.


Make It Functional

Hallways are always at least somewhat functional, since they lead you between rooms, but planned correctly they can be even more functional.  Halls by entryways can be turned into landing zones for coats, shoes, bags, and keys with the strategic placement of hooks and bins.  Hallways that are wide enough can be used to add storage to your space by placing baskets under console tables or even just adding a small dresser.  The surface area of the tabletop provides the perfect spot to add plants or your favorite display objects out of the hustle and bustle of the main living areas.  Benches with interior storage are also an ideal functional addition to hallways that have the space for them.


Add A Mirror

Hallways often don’t get a ton of natural light, so adding carefully placed mirrors can help increase the amount of light in the space and make it feel brighter.  The reflections will also help the space feel bigger, which is a plus for narrow hallways.  If the hall is by an entryway a mirror is useful for any last minute appearance checks before heading out the door.


Don’t Forget the Floor and Ceiling

Most of these tips have focused on adding interest to the walls, but don’t forget about the floor and ceiling!  A floor runner will add pattern and texture to the space while leading the eye down the hall to your destination as well as emphasize the length of the hallway.  As already mentioned, many hallways don’t get a lot of natural light, so you’ll need some other source of illumination.  A row of sleek pendants or a bold statement chandelier are both good options for lighting the space and drawing the eye upwards.


Walking from room to room you spend more time in hallways than you probably realize. Once you make some changes and bring your design style into the hall you’ll realize how much of a wasted opportunity it had been.  Get bold, get personal, and get a fabulous hallway people can’t help but notice when walking through it.