Happily Ever After: Five Ideas for a Stunning Outdoor Wedding

Summer has officially started and we’re also in the heart of wedding season.  It’s fairly obvious why summer is the most popular season for weddings – the weather is more likely to be nice, there are more flower options, and best of all you can ditch the stuffy reception hall and move things outside.  With nature as your background you may not need to plan as many decorations, but there will always be details that need tending to.  Here are five ideas for outdoor weddings we think will really help set the scene.


Mix and Match Chairs

The seating at your wedding doesn’t have to be standard and boring.  If you’re a fan of mid-century modern design the iconic Eames Eiffel Chairs come in numerous color options.  Or if you want something with a more classic outdoor look Fermob’s chairs are available in 24 different bright and bold colors.  With so many color options you’re sure to find the right hues to match the theme of your wedding.  For the ceremony you can use different colored chairs to mark the groom’s side and the bride’s side.  During the reception different colored chairs can help people more easily find their seat and keep things light and fun.  As long as the style of chair stays the same even with multiple colors you’ll end up with a unified look.


Illuminated Tables

A unique and eye-catching lighting solution for evening weddings is to let the tables themselves light the way.  One option is to look for tables that have internal light sources.  Many tables from Vondom’s line of outdoor furniture feature an LED lighting option that turns the tables into a light source.  If you already have tables but like this idea, you can still achieve a similar effect by placing an outdoor lantern beneath the table and then covering the table with a tablecloth thin enough to let the light shine through.


Vintage Lighting

There’s something romantic about vintage lighting that can help set the mood for a wedding.  Strings of Edison bulbs (or LED Edison style bulbs) hung overhead will add a beautiful warm orange glow to the space while still contributing a touch of rustic, industrial style.  Vintage style pendant lamps over tables can also add a sense of rustic romance.


Go For A Swing

Weddings already feel a bit magical, so the whimsy of a swing fits right in.  A beautiful swinging armchair can help keep any children in attendance occupied as well as allow the adults to feel young at heart.  It can also provide great photo opportunities, or a place to go if you need a minute to yourself.

MARIAGE_SÇbastien Boudot pour Fermob (3).jpg

Make Your Own Photo Backdrop

Everyone loves taking pictures at weddings, and it’s easy to set up your own photo backdrop if you don’t want to spring for a photo-booth.  A large piece of plywood can quickly and easily be covered in a decorative temporary wallpaper for a unique photo opportunity location.  If you want to take it to the next level you can cut out squares and frame them to create a gallery wall that guests fill in with themselves.


For those in the midst of wedding planning, I’m sure there’s still a ton you need to do.  But hopefully these ideas helped you cross at least a couple of things off of your list.

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