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Hardy Home: Six Ways to Add Masculine Elements to Your Decor

While the idea of gender fluidity is gaining more acceptance, in terms of home decor there’s still styles that traditionally fall under the heading of “masculine” and “feminine.”  Both styles have their merits, and any gender freely can appreciate both.  Whether you want to go full on man-cave or just help balance a more feminine leaning decor (since the best interiors tend to be a balance of masculine and feminine) here are some ways to add a touch of traditionally masculine style to your space.


Neutral Hues and Saturated Colors

Earthy neutrals like brown, gray, charcoal, and even black are often associated with masculine decors.  The room doesn’t have to be dark and gloomy though, it can still be balanced with pops of color.  When color is added it’s often bold and saturated.  Reds, royal and navy blues, and forest greens are all appropriate options for more masculine pops of color.


Sleek Materials

Most materials work well in both masculine and feminine decors, but some are slightly more associated with the former.  Woods like mahogany will add warmth to a space, while materials like concrete and steel add a sense of toughness and durability.  Leather is also often found in more masculine spaces.


Mix Textures

Texture plays a big role in any decor, and the same is true of masculine style.  More masculine rooms tend to have a fair amount of leather, tweed, flannel, and suede.  To create a balance of hard and soft, shiny and matte, and smooth and coarse they can be combined with touches other materials like velvet and silk.  This combination of textures will bring a ton of depth to the space.


Simple Patterns

If looking for a more traditionally masculine decor through pattern, stay away from anything too overly decorative or flowery.  Classic geometrics like plaids, stripes, and herringbone are a good way to go.  Patterns like damask and paisley can work as well, but are best when used in small doses.


Clean Lines

Traditionally masculine rooms are often free of frills and instead full of sleek, straight lines.  While some soft curves are fine, overall masculine silhouettes are more clean-lined and geometric.  Club chairs, oversized desks, and large sofas are often found in more masculine spaces.


Big, Bold Art

Bold art with strong colors can often be found in masculine themed interiors.  If you’re so inclined, taxidermy (fake or real) is also as appropriate choice since it hearkens back to hunting lodges, a traditionally masculine location.  Don’t be afraid to go big and bold for your wall accessory choices.


Whether you have a traditional, modern, or contemporary decor (or something in between!) these tips can work with any style.  You can use as many or as few of these elements as you’d like – it’s all about doing what works best for you and your space.

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