Hitting the Road: How to Glamp in Style

We’re halfway through summer, but there’s still time to fit in a vacation!  When city-life is getting a bit too hectic for you, sometimes you just want to get away.  Camping can be a great respite from the hustle and bustle of everyday life.  But there’s also bugs, occasional bad weather, and no electricity.  What’s the compromise?  Enter glamping.  A fusion of glamour and camping, glamping has been rising in popularity over the past decade.  Glamping allows you to enjoy all the positive aspects of camping without the uncomfortable negatives.  Though the term glamping was only recently coined, the idea of luxury camping has been around for centuries.  While there are various levels of glamping, at the most basic it’s camping with amenities such as beds, bathrooms, and electricity.  One way to know for sure you’ll get what you want from your accommodations is to take them with you!  Let’s take a look at how to glamp trailer style.


There are a few different options for trailers to glam up.  The smallest option is the teardrop trailer.  These are a good choice if you don’t have a large car to hitch a trailer to due to its side and easy handleability.  The standard design of teardrop trailers include a bed, kitchen, and cabinets but custom add-ons can supply other amenities you may needs, such as solar showers.  Airstreams are the iconic design that many people think of when they think of trailers.  While there are different sizes, Airstreams are practically portable mini hotels.  Most have gas burners, kitchenettes, and ample storage space.  If you plan on being on the road for awhile and want all the luxuries of home this is your best bet.  Big fans of mid-century modern design may want to get a vintage trailer that will have the sleek, retro style you love.  It’s possible to find renovated vintage trailers for around the same price as a new car.


Unless you get a trailer that’s been renovated it’s likely that the interior will be pretty boring and bland.  Luckily it’s pretty easy to freshen up and make your own.  Since trailers, especially Airstreams, are practically studio apartments on wheels, you can think of the trailer interior as a small room in your home and apply similar decorating tips to that of small spaces.  You can think of your trailer as an extension of your interior style at home, or use it as a space to experiment with a new style.  If you have a retro trailer you may want to remain authentic to the original design and decorate the interior with vintage, mid-century modern details.  Whatever style you decide, it’s easy to add splashes of color with pillows and throws (which you’ll want to have anyway).  Adding a couple of plants and photos can help the trailer feel more like a home away from home.  Rugs are another way to add color and style, and can also help keep the floor of the trailer a bit cleaner.  Just make sure that the rug has a non-skid bottom or can be placed on something non-skid.  You could also opt for vinyl floor coverings since they won’t skid and can easily be wiped clean.


Since you’re moving from place to place, most people don’t think about utilizing the exterior space.  But if you travel with some foldable outdoor furniture you can have an instant outdoor dining area when you get to your next stop.  All you need is a table and a couple of chairs and you’re good to go.  Consider bringing real dishes, silverware, and glasses with you on the trip.  Disposable diningware is more convenient since you don’t have to wash it, but the real deal will save money in the long run and not leave behind waste.  Plus, they can help it feel more like home.  Lanterns can help you enjoy the quiet of the great outdoors at night without having to deal with getting a fire started and putting it out correctly.


If bringing your accommodations with you isn’t your style, there are still tons of fabulous glamping options.  Cabins, yurts, even treehouses have all become popular alternatives for camping when you still want the conveniences of home.  If you like the idea of staying in a retro trailer but aren’t ready to commit, there’s even trailers you can rent per night once you reach your destination.  Personally we like the idea of having another space we can deck out in mid-century modern style.

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