IMM Cologne: The Trends Spotted at 2018’s First Big Design Show

Every January, right at the beginning of the new year, is the IMM Cologne international interiors show.  As the first big design trade show of the year, IMM Cologne is important since it presents new international furniture and interior trends before anyone else.  Attending the show is every type of furniture and furnishing specialist trade: interior designers, architects, designers, planners, joiners, carpenters, and interior decorators – meaning the information presented reaches all facets of the design industry.  The 2018 IMM Cologne show ran January 14th through 20th.  Since it just wrapped up this past weekend, let’s take a look at some of the trends that emerged from the show.

Boho Chic

Considering the rise of the maximalist trend we reported last year, it’s not that surprising that Boho Chic is slated to be one of the next big things in interior design.  Contrasting to the highly polished, somewhat sterile interiors associated with minimalism, Boho style allows items that may not appear to go together at first glance, to be mixed and matched for eye-catching results.  Colorful ethnic inspired patterns can be placed next to modern graphic design, a rattan flea market find next to an Eames chair – the possibilities are endless.  Many people like Boho style because there are so few rules to follow, making it easier to get an interior that really matches your style, personality, and interests.

Photo: Alexander Schneider; Koelnmesse

Green Going Strong

Greenery may have been 2017’s Color of the Year, but at IMM Cologne it doesn’t look like green is going anywhere anytime soon.  Green is going strong, but the shades of green that are popular are shifting.  Rather than dark greens, light greens such as celadon, sage, and celery are taking over.  Sage especially has been booming in popularity even before the show as it’s become a new favorite in Scandinavian design.  As people continue to want to unplug and return more to nature, green is likely to keep being a popular color in interiors.

Stand: Bretz

Organic Forms

Organic forms will continue to grow in popularity this year, according to IMM Cologne exhibitors.  Especially in seating, dynamic curves are going to reign supreme.  Taking cues from nature, in addition to organic forms, natural fibers in upholstery will double down on the organic trend in furniture.  These soft designs in furniture will contrast to the harder geometric shapes that are gaining popularity in other areas of interior design such as wallpaper and art.

Stand: Domitalia Tafaruci

Marble Bathrooms

A somewhat surprising trend seen at IMM Cologne is the use of marble for bathrooms.  When you take a closer look though, the trend makes sense.  More people want their bathrooms to be relaxing getaways that feel luxurious and marble still carries with it an air of luxury.  Marble also makes sense as a material to use as people become more aware of waste.  As a high-quality, long-lasting material if you use marble in your bathroom you won’t have to worry about renovating for a long time.  When you really think about it marble is an ideal bathroom material because it has a clean look sought after in bathrooms and will last.

Photo: Andreas Körner; Koelnmesse

Wood Not Going Anywhere

Solid wood has been gaining in popularity in recent years and will continue to do so this year.  Designs for tables and cabinets are becoming more delicate and refined as IMM Cologne exhibitors see the rustic look being on its way out.  In terms of types of wood, oak remains the top seller, but walnut and cherry wood are maintaining favor as well. Wood combined with other natural materials such as glass and metal is also becoming an increasingly popular choice.

Lamp Collection Muffins by Brokis, designed in 2010 in cooperation with Dan Yeffet

These are only some of the trends that were seen at the IMM Cologne show this year.  As attendees return from the fair and absorb everything they saw we’re sure to see even more themes emerging in the weeks to come.  We’re definitely interested to see if the trends at IMM Cologne continue into other trade shows throughout the year and how many will make it into actual homes.

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