Interior Design Services: The 3D Advantage

Hopefully you already know that, in addition to selling furniture and lighting, we also offer interior design services.  But did you know that we recently upgraded our design services to make them even better? Now using the power of Artificial Intelligence our design services team can help you fully envision your space before getting started on a project.  Let’s take a closer look at how our newly updated design services work.

How It Works

So how exactly does this snazzy new process work?  Through the power of Roomdu. What is Roomdu? It’s an advanced machine learning software that was developed to assist interior designers and homeowners in visualizing changes to their physical spaces.  Roomdu uses photos of your room in conjunction with your design preferences to generate accurate and detailed renders of your space. But if you’re worried about the robot apocalypse, rest assured, it’s not just the computer creating your design.  We have a team of designers and architects in charge, making sure that you get the highest quality render of your space, and a design that fits your needs.

What You Get

What do you get if you use our new Roomdu powered design services?  For interior designers we’ll help you with your projects! You’ll get free 2D and 3D renders based upon your design direction, beautiful project proposals for client presentation with all your branding included, and we’ll handle all the back-end software and programming for you.  For homeowners we want to help you visualize your home renovation before you even start any remodeling. You’ll get accurate and detailed 3D renders of your space with suggested furniture selections and we’ll handpick trusted interior designers for you if you want to take your project to the next level.  

Doesn’t it seem like it’s time to check out our new design services?!  You can’t beat the combination of the latest computer technology and super talented designers.  If you’re an interior designer we’re happy to offer this service to you for free! If you’re a homeowner there will be a charge, but it counts as a credit towards any furniture purchases you make to complete the project, so it’s basically free!  So check it out today and start the process of making the space you’ve been dreaming of a reality!