Introducing: Soy Creative Candles Plus Bonus Interview

Most homes have at least a couple of candles in them, but how much thought do you really put into your candles?  For some the answer is likely “not much at all,” but for others the answer is “a lot!”  For years interior designer Alfonsina Romero had the idea for a unique organic candle made of soy wax and inspired by edible ingredients.  She recently turned that vision into a reality by founding Soy Creative Candles.  To create an experience for all of the senses Alfonsina knew she wanted to keep the scents a secret and then launch them in a memorable way.


For her candles Alfonsina chose vegan soy wax and other natural ingredients to achieve the edible ingredient inspired collection.  All Soy Creative candles are poured in the US and don’t have the musky perfume scents found in many candles.  The first scent in the collection, No.01, is chocolate with notes of raspberry.  With her scents Alfonsina aims to achieve a creative blend of a main ingredient and a complementary one.  The next scent, No.02 is already under development, but will remain a secret until its launch in late 2017.


We asked Alfonsina some questions about Soy Creative Candles and candle making in general and she was more than happy to answer them for us.

What inspired you to create your own line of candles?

I love candles and always wanted to have a candle line with an interesting concept. For years I sat on the idea, names, and concepts until it all made sense last summer. I created a custom scent with my manufacturer, whom I had ordered an organic raspberry candle and an organic chocolate candle from. I like scents that don’t contain perfumes and smell very natural. I burned both candles together and the scent was so delicious and pure I felt like I wanted to eat them! I asked her to mix both scents in one candle. It took many trials and testers to get the scent right, but that is how the first scent from the collection was born. I was also enthused about the scents being “edible ingredient inspired” only. To stir things up in the candle world a bit, I wanted to build the brand on anticipation and an experience for the senses, by having two memorable launches a year for each new custom scent.

Why did you choose vegan soy wax over traditional beeswax?

Both options are the only natural and neither contains paraffin. Soy has a significantly better price point and we are not limited with what we can do with the scents. Soy wax keeps the candles affordable and it’s a readily renewable resource- it comes from an agricultural crop. Soy wax has a low burning temperature so it’s safer around children and animals. It is also clean burning, and environmentally friendly.

Can you explain the process of candle making a little?

The process of creating and producing Soy Creative entails numerous trials and edits to get them perfect! Candle making is almost like making chocolate, except you can’t eat the result!

How do you come up with the scents?

I rely on my creative process. I don’t have a list of scents pre-planned—I let the idea happen organically. The scents however, are not random, as they need to work synergistically with the previous scent when lit at the same time. The scents should also be yummy- without perfumes.

How important is smell to an interior?

It’s as important as the visual experience. An aroma can help convey a mood and ambience; it talks to the senses, triggers responses and memories. It is essential when creating a vibe and designing an experience.

What are some of your favorite scents for the home?

The scent of fresh chocolate with a hint of raspberry for sure. I also like Eucalyptus, and herbal scents like basil. These are not hints for Creative No.02…

I know the next line’s scent is secret until the launch, but any hints on what direction the next line might be taking?

It will be the opposite of the chocolate- it’s edgy but cozy and not sweet, yet works so well when it’s lit next to the chocolate! The scent is exciting and will be the signature white color.


The launch for Creative No.01 took place at France & Son’s Chelsea showroom on July, 13 and it was a lively celebration.  The event had its own red carpet and live music, summer drinks and custom chocolates greeted the over 60 attendees who attended the launch.  Truly a fun evening indeed, it was a great kickoff to the first scent of Alfonsina’s line.  Here are some pictures from the event.







We’re so excited that we got to host the launch party for Creative No.01 and proud to be selling the 8 ounce jars at our Chelsea showroom.  We look forward to finding out what future scents Alfonsina has up her sleeve.

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