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“Less Is A Bore”: Welcoming the Maximalism Trend

Have the neutral, nearly empty spaces of minimalism been slowly driving you crazy?  Do you have a lot of stuff and like having a lot of stuff?  Then good news!  Maximalism is here and it’s growing in popularity.  Designers have begun embracing luxurious materials and textures to create visually compelling interiors.  Even furniture designers are exploring bolder silhouettes and adding more details in their work.  The driving force behind the maximalism trend is people’s desire to infuse their space with more personality and self expression.  If you’re ready to get a little more adventurous in your decorating, here are some ways to embrace the maximalism trend.


Add Vibrant Colors

If you love bold colors a maximalist interior is the perfect space to flaunt that.  For those of you who enjoy coordinating colors you can add lots of different hues to really take things a step further.  If you don’t trust your eye for choosing colors that go together, pick your favorite color (or the one that works best in the space) and fill the room with different shades of the same hue.  This allows you to easily layer colors without being overwhelmed by them.


Consider Sculptural Lighting

If you’re already being adventurous in your decorating, consider adding some sculptural lighting to the space.  The unique materials and design techniques of sculptural lighting lend themselves well to the maximalist style.  You could go bold and choose one oversized pendant or chandelier to be the focal point, or pick some interesting table or floor lamps to use throughout.  Let the creativity of your style be echoed by the creativity behind the sculptural lighting designs.


Layer Styles

If you love perfectly coordinated rooms, maximalism isn’t for you.  While the space should still appear curated, and not just cluttered, maximalist interiors are all about layering.  The more layers the better!  Colors, patterns, textures, new, and vintage can all be layered to create an engaging and complex personality for the room.


Add Art

Something you’ll probably notice in a lot of maximalist interiors is the use of art.  Gallery walls of art are a great way to express your style, personality, and taste.  Whether you create the art yourself, support local artists, scour thrift stores or just find pieces you love online, art will help you get the most out of your walls.


Embrace Pattern

Wallpaper, textiles, and tiles can all help take your maximalism to well, the max.  Pillowsthrows, and rugs are all ideal opportunities to add pattern and texture to the room.  Tapestries and other woven wall-hangings are another way to splash the walls with pattern and texture if wallpaper feels like too big of a commitment.  To keep the space from becoming too visually cluttered try to keep patterns in similar color stories or along a similar theme.


Display Collections

If you’re already a collector, maximalism is the perfect style to display your collections.  If you’re not a collector – now is the time to start!  Maximalism is all about displaying the things that make you happy.  Unless you’re already an established collector it won’t be easy to get this look overnight, but over time you can curate pieces you pick up from around the world (or even just local thrift shops and garage sales).  Many fans of vintage embrace the maximalist philosophy because it allows them to display their nostalgic finds.


With all trends the pendulum swings in both directions.  Minimalism has been popular for a long time now, so it makes sense that now people are turning the other direction and embracing a “more is more” philosophy.  Pulling from Bohemian, Victorian, and Art Deco styles of decor, even within maximalism there are a lot of different style options you can choose from that best express your aesthetic.  Maximalism is all about personal expression, so do what feels right to you.  There are no real rules for maximalism other than making sure it doesn’t cross the line into cluttered and messy.  So go have fun filling your space with your favorite things.

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