Look Up!: Embracing the Decorated Ceilings Trend

Ceiling frescoes were a popular art form in earlier times, like the Renaissance (the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel being perhaps one of the most famous to come to mind), but somewhere along the line decorated ceilings fell out of favor.  Plain white became the standard, and when texture tried to be included to add visual interest, it manifested in the form of popcorn ceilings, which to this day still haunt people.  It’s understandable why many don’t give much thought to the appearance of the ceiling – how often do you really look up at it?  But neglecting it entirely is missing out on a great design opportunity, considering that it’s essentially a fifth wall.  Luckily decorated ceilings are beginning to come back into fashion, so we’re going to highlight some ways to embrace this growing trend.


Painted Ceilings

The easiest way to decorate your ceiling is through painting it.  Choose an accent color that will be picked up in other accessories throughout the room to help tie the ceiling to the rest of the decor.  If you’re worried about a non-white ceiling making the room too dark, consider using a high-gloss or lacquered finish.  This will help reflect light and keep the room bright.  If you’re feeling more adventurous you could paint a pattern on the ceiling.  A great way to create a subtle pattern is by using the same color but with different sheen finishes.



Wallpapered Ceilings

If you want pattern or texture on your ceiling wallpaper is a good way to go.  With a wide variety of temporary wallpapers now available it’s easy to quickly add or remove wallpaper from the ceiling.  The options are practically limitless with what kind of pattern you can have – subtle geometrics, bold florals, and anything in between.  Using a seagrass wallpaper is an unexpected way to add texture to a room.



Wood Slat Ceilings

This one will take a little more work, but the results are worth it if you want a really unique ceiling.  Larger, wider planks will create a more rustic, farmhouse vibe, while skinnier planks will lend the space a more modern aesthetic.  You can leave the wood its natural color, stain it darker, or paint it an accent color.  If you opt to paint it you won’t get the same warmth of natural wood tones, but you will still be able to enjoy the texture and pattern the planks add to the ceiling.



Gold or Silver Leaf Ceilings

If glam is more your style you can go all out and add gold or silver leaf to your ceiling.  The metallic sheen will reflect light and can help make a room feel brighter as well as sophisticated.  If you opt for gold it will add a warmer glow to your space, while silver will keep things on the cooler side.  If you don’t want to cover the entire ceiling in gold or silver leaf you can still use it to highlight and accent a painted pattern or design.



Besides just the aesthetics of it, there are other benefits to decorating your ceiling.  If you have high ceilings, painting them a dark color, or using a wallpaper with a darker main color can help trick the eye into thinking the ceilings are lower, and making the room feel a bit more cozy.  If your ceilings are low the reverse works as well – a lighter ceiling can help it seem higher than it actually is.  Perhaps best of all is that they add real personality and a feeling of customization to your home.  We hope next time you’re redecorating that you won’t forget the ceiling!

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