Love is All Around: Four Ideas for A Snug Valentine’s Night In

Some may dread Valentine’s Day, but we have no problem looking forward to a holiday that celebrates love.  It can get stressful trying to make Valentine’s day plans though; restaurants get booked up far in advance, and often it’s too cold out to plan romantic outdoor activities.  The best way to get around that?  Plan a cozy Valentine’s Day date in your home.  But it’s easy for a night in to end up feeling like a regular date night, and not a holiday, so we came up with some ideas to help make the 14th feel more special.


A fun alternative to the traditional all-out romantic Valentine’s Day dinner is to plan an indoor picnic.  For most of us it’s too cold in February to eat outdoors, but you can still capture that carefree spirit of al fresco dining in your space.  All you need to do is cover your coffee table with a red tablecloth and place some plush cushions on the floor and instant picnic.  You can still serve fancy romantic food if you’d like, or stick with the picnic theme and serve sandwiches and other finger-foods.  Or you could even go retro and break out the fondue pot.  Whatever the food, the setting is sure to create some fond Valentine’s memories.


It may border on cliche, but nothing sets a romantic mood quite like candlelight.  So break out your favorite candleholders and fill your space with that wonderful warm glow.  Flowers have also verged into Valentine’s cliche but even if you don’t see them as a romantic gift, fresh flowers will brighten up the winter gray.  Perhaps you don’t plan on giving or receiving any bouquets, but consider putting out some vases of red, white, and pink flowers to amp up your Valentine’s Day decor.


For a Valentine’s Day date in you want to make sure you’re stocked up on pillows and throw blankets.  It wouldn’t be Valentine’s Day without some snuggling on the sofa and pillows and throws will just help amp up the cozy.  Whether you’re watching a movie or doing a jigsaw puzzle together you know you’ll be warm and comfortable.  Plus, if silly is more your romance style, with plenty of pillows and throws you’ll have all you need for a grown-up pillow fort or impromptu pillow fight.


Hot chocolate is probably one of the coziest winter beverages around, so setting up a hot chocolate bar for the night will only help increase the warm feelings inside.  Make a base of regular hot chocolate and put out yummy add-ins and toppings (don’t forget the marshmallows!) for customized drinks.  You can each make your own, or make them for each other the way you think your date will enjoy.  Don’t forget to keep a serving tray nearby so you can take your beverages back to the couch.


The best part of staying in for Valentine’s Day?  You get to show off your great sense of style!  And be not only with the person you love, but surrounded by the space you love and spent time making perfectly you.  Happy Valentine’s Day!