Medal Worthy Metals: Decorating with Gold, Silver, and Bronze

The 2018 Winter Olympics are wrapping up this weekend, and new gold medal events are happening every day.  Whether your team wins or loses it’s always touching to see the emotion of the winners up on the podium during the medal ceremony.  With so much talk of gold, silver, and bronze, it got us thinking about these iconic metals use in interiors.  So today we’re going to take a look at how to decorate with gold, silver, and bronze.


Gold is a popular metallic, but it can get overwhelming if used too much.  Gold tends to naturally draw in the eye due to its lustrous finish, so there’s no need to go for wall-to-wall gold.  Some shimmering splashes and accents are all you need to make a statement.  Though gold is rather elegant and luxurious, it’s also nicely complemented by organic accents.  These organic touches balance the opulence of gold for a sophisticated contemporary decor.


If you’re looking for some sleek sparkle, look no further than silver.  As a cool metal too much silver can make a room seem cold and unwelcoming.  But used in moderation silver can easily help brighten up a space.  Whether brushed or polished to a mirror shine it’s hard to beat silver’s sparkle power.


When used in interior design, bronze will add an instant touch of old-world charm.  Bronze can be shiny or weathered/patinated and is lovely in either variation.  Thanks to its glamorous golden-brown coloring it’s a warm, welcoming, lively metal, and will add a touch of elegance and luxury to any home.

Tips for Mixing Metals

You don’t have to stick to just one of these metals in your decor.  Properly mixed metals can create a space that’s dynamic and sophisticated.  When mixing metals it’s best to choose one to be the dominant color and then choose one or two other metals to serve as accents.  Don’t be afraid to mix warm and cool metals when putting together your palette.  You also don’t have to stick to one finish.  Feel free to combine brushed, polished, and hammered finishes to create a rich atmosphere.

With the freedom to mix metals you can embrace all of the Olympic medal colors in your decor.  When looking for ways to add metallics to your space, remember that it doesn’t have to be just the metals themselves.  Pillows with a metallic fabric or artwork with metallic paint are both great ways to incorporate more metal into your decor without it becoming overwhelming.  With the thoughtful use of metallics you’ll have a winning interior in no time.

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