On Sunday We Brunch: Four Ways to Get the Perfect Breakfast Nook for Mother’s Day Brunch

Mother’s Day brunch is a time honored tradition.  But since it is such a tradition if you want to go out to brunch with your family on Mother’s Day you have to book it really far in advance, and still risk getting kicked out before you’re ready because they have another seating coming in.  To save yourself the hassle, why not just have Mother’s Day brunch at home?  If you’re having a lot of people over you’ll likely set up in the dining room, but if you’re looking forward to a low-key breakfast with mom a breakfast nook is the perfect place to host it.  Here are some tips for setting up a beautiful breakfast nook that will impress any mother.


Find the Right Table

Since breakfast nooks are meant to be small spaces, it’s important to find the right table.  You want it to be large enough to seat a few people, but if it takes up too much space you’re almost defeating the purpose of a breakfast nook.  An ideal option for a breakfast nook is a tulip table.  With clean lines and a pedestal base tulip tables were designed to not clutter the space with legs.  With less legs getting in the way it’s easier to add extra seating around the table should guests stop by.


Play with Seating Options

If you’re lucky you can have some built-in seating installed in your breakfast nook.  But if not a bench placed against one or more walls will work just as well.  Breakfast nooks are more casual than formal dining rooms so feel free to have some fun with the rest of the seating.  Casual dining chairs are certainly an option, but you can also consider using stools or ottomans as extra seating.  The good thing about using stools or ottomans is that they can pull double duty in other rooms when needed.



Have Fun with Color

While you don’t want your breakfast nook to clash with the rest of your kitchen and dining decor, it does offer a great opportunity to play with color.  Take color cues from the surrounding decor and punch them up with bolder bursts of color either through accessories like pillows and cushions or the furniture itself.  Textiles in the breakfast nook are also the ideal place to play with pattern.  Bright cheery colors and patterns where you’re eating breakfast can help make it easier to get going in the morning.


Let There Be Light

Many breakfast nooks are positioned in windowed areas.  Setting up your breakfast nook in a space that gets a lot of morning sun would be ideal.  But even with the sun as your light source you’ll still need some artificial light for those rainy mornings or at night.  A pendant light or fun chandelier will help brighten up any breakfast nook.  There’ll likely be some ambient light from the room surrounding the breakfast nook, but some downward facing light from a pendant will ensure that everyone can see the delicious food their eating clearly.


Once you have your breakfast nook set up you’ll still need something to make for brunch.  If going for more of a buffet style you can’t go wrong with a selection of muffins, and maybe some monkey bread for guests to take from.  If having a more intimate sit-down brunch you can opt for variations on pancakes like strawberry shortcake pancakes or combine two brunch classics and make french toast pancakes.  If you really want to impress mom you can make her some crepes or if the weather is nice enough, some grilled french toast.  And of course, don’t forget the mimosas.

grilled french toast.jpeg

A gorgeous breakfast nook may come in handy especially for holidays like Mother’s Day, but a well planned breakfast nook is a valuable addition year-round.  With a cozy and relaxed feel, it’s still in the kitchen (or kitchen adjacent) but not in the way of meal prep and is a great space to spend some time together in the morning before departing for the day.  Whether eating, working on the crossword puzzle, or just chatting over coffee a breakfast nook offers a casual setting for all to enjoy.