Open Sesame: Why You Should Embrace the Open Clothing Storage Trend

Some trends seem to come out of nowhere.  But others go hand in hand with other trends.  Such is the case with the open storage as decor trend.  It started as a necessity – people living in small apartments or tiny homes generally have insufficient storage, so those living in such situations needed to improvise.  This is how open clothing storage began being integrated into decor. Once these stylish solutions hit Instagram it wasn’t long before it became a full-blown trend. So let’s take a look at why we’re embracing the trend of open clothing storage as decor.

Types of Open Clothing Storage

When opting for open clothing storage there are two main types you can choose from.  The first is the clothing rack. This is the best option for renters since it doesn’t involve securing anything to the walls.  If you get one with wheels it’s also super easy to move around if you like to rearrange your decor a lot, or just want the option of moving it slightly more out of sight should company come over.  The streamlined design of clothing racks also works really well with minimalist decor.

The other option is wall-mounted storage that serves as a stand-in for a real closet.  This option is more permanent, and well suited to those who know they’ll be in a space for awhile.  With wall-mounted storage you can mix rails for hanging and shelves for display of jewelry and accessories or bins of folded things.  Wall-mounted storage may not be as trendy as the slim clothing racks, but are more customizable for those who really need the storage space.

Why Choose Open Clothing Storage?

If you don’t have much (or any) closet space, the decision to choose open storage is fairly obvious.  But now that it’s become a trend even those with ample closet space are considering it. So what are the benefits to open storage in the bedroom?  For one it will take up less floor and visual space in the room than multiple dressers, helping the room feel larger. It can also help keep your favorite pieces more easily accessible, and can be a good way to keep tabs on your clothing collection.  If you have some closet space but not quiet enough you can use the open clothing storage as a way to plan out your outfits for the week, or keep seasonally appropriate clothes closer at hand. Depending on how colorful your wardrobe is, an open closet could also be the perfect pop of color in your room.

Open storage in the bedroom has many advantages, but it’s important to keep in mind that if you want your room to look cute and trendy and not a mess, careful curation is required.  A messy, overflowing clothes rack won’t help the room feel larger and more open – it’ll just look cluttered. But if you’re able to keep everything neat and tidy, a clothes rack can be not only a streamlined storage solution, but stylish and trendy decor.  What do you think of the open clothing storage trend? Is it something you would try in your own bedroom? Let us know in the comments!