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Power Couple: Decorating with Blue and Gold

It may be seen as an unconventional color combination, but blue and gold actually go together like peanut butter and jelly.  It makes sense that blue and gold work so well together, since if you look at a color wheel blue and orange/yellow are complementary colors.  Gold is basically shiny yellow, so it works out perfectly.  The duo lend a touch of sophistication to whatever room they’re applied to.  Since navy blue and gold have emerged as one of Pinterest’s most popular new color trends, let’s take a look at some ways to work blue and gold into your decor.

In the Kitchen

With colorful kitchens growing in popularity, the kitchen is a great place to incorporate the blue/gold combo.  Perhaps the best way to do this in the kitchen is to paint your cabinets blue and add gold hardware for any pulls and knobs.  Keep the rest of the kitchen white or another light neutral and you’ll end up with a handsomely sophisticated cooking space.

In the Living Room

There are a ton of options for adding blue and gold into the living room.  One way is to paint one or all of the walls blue and then get gold finished lighting and furniture.  Similarly you could get blue upholstered furniture and accent it with gold side or coffee tables and lighting.  You can even just add pillows with a gold metallic finish to your sofa and chairs.

In the Bedroom

For the bedroom your best bet is adding blue to the walls and then gold through lighting and furniture finishes.  If you don’t want to make any changes to the walls you can always add the colors into the space through your bedding.  A gold framed mirror is an ideal way to add a touch of gold to the bedroom.

In the Dining Room

The main way to get blue into the dining room is through the walls, but there are other options.  You can add blue chairs around your dining table, or a blue credenza or sideboard.  Gold can enter the equation through lighting, table settings, hardware, or furniture finishes.  This color palette in the dining room will create a sophisticated yet still welcoming space to gather with friends and family.

In the Bathroom

Like the kitchen, an easy way to work blue and gold into the bathroom is through the cabinetry and hardware.  Since many bathrooms are on the smaller side, you may shy away from wanting to fill the room with too much dark color, but you can also bring blue in through the walls or flooring.  Gold sink and shower fixtures will make your bathroom feel like a luxury spa.

While navy blue and gold are the current favorite, the blue/gold combination looks good with almost any shade of blue.  It’s also a color combination that can work with pretty much any style of decor.  Darker blues with ornate gold accents will skew more traditional, while lighter blues with minimal amounts of gold fit the more modern, contemporary style.  Basically, there’s no excuse not to give this color combination a shot!

3 thoughts on “Power Couple: Decorating with Blue and Gold

  1. Sweden has known for years that Blue and Gold is a fine combination. My paternal ancesters were from there.
    Bethany College Liindsborg Kansas uses the same (THe were founded by Swedish immigrants.)

    1. The Swedes know their stuff!
      Now that I stop to think of it, Ikea’s colors are blue and gold/yellow as well – makes sense!

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