Rock Solid Style: How to Add Marble to Every Room of the Home

Marble is a material that’s been used for centuries and has carried with it a sense of class and luxury.  Since it has been around for so long though, it can also be seen as a bit out of date to use in home decor.  Fortunately for fans of marble it’s been making a comeback in the world of interior design.  Though once a bit on the extravagant side, marble designs now are leaning more towards simple and modern.  Less is more as marble has become more of an accent material than base to start from.  Marble is being paired with sleek polished metals and warm woods to create a balanced look.  Since marble is such a classic, and classics never really go out of style, here are some ways to add a touch of marble to every room in the home.



The bathroom is one of the easiest places to incorporate marble into your decor.  That also makes it easy to go overboard though, so choose just one or two marble elements to keep your bathroom from turning into a marble quarry.  Marble flooring is a classic bathroom option, as is a marble tub or shower stall.  A marble sink would also be a nice, smaller marble accent.  If you really want to keep the marble to a minimum but still include it, add a marble tray to keep toiletries organized.




The kitchen is also a traditional place for marble to be found in the home.  Marble counter tops are a classic design element, though for serious home cooks they can be a bit too finicky and stain-prone.  Instead try a marble backsplash.  More out of the way of knives and spills you’ll get the look of marble without the fear of damage.  A marble sink is another accent option for the kitchen.  Marble pendant lamps are a nice, unexpected way to add some marble to the kitchen.



Dining Room

In the dining room, nothing can beat a stunning marble topped dining table.  Tulip tables combine the tradition of marble with the sleek appeal of mid-century modern design.  But if tulip tables aren’t your style you can always get a more standard based dining table topped with marble.  A marble chandelier is also a unique way to add some marble to the space.  If you only want a little bit of marble in the dining room there are plenty of table top accessories that will add just a hint of marble to the decor.



Living Room

Perhaps one of the most popular marble products to emerge from the revival of marble in interior design is the marble coffee table.  With tables to fit pretty much any style of decor a marble coffee table is probably the best way to include marble in the living space.  Since marble pairs wonderfully with other natural materials such as wood, linen, and leather, all of which are often found in living rooms, marble will easily fit into your space’s design scheme.




The bedroom may seem like one of the more difficult places to add marble, but there are still some good marble accent options.  A marble topped side table can make an elegant nightstand.  A marble based lamp is also a nice touch.  You could also use a marble tray to keep jewelry or other accessories organized.  If none of the real marble options appeal to you, consider marble patterned bedding or wallpaper for an accent wall.



With a variety of color grades of marble available, don’t feel like you have to stick to just the traditional white.  If white marble seems too austere or formal for your style experiment with other color options to find what works best for you and your space.  There’s also good news if you’ve been wanting to add some marble to your home but have oddly sized or shaped spaces.  France & Son is now offering custom marble table cutting.  From 79” down we can create a table top with the size, shape, and edge you desire.  Just contact customer service for more details or a price quote.

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