Sitting With…Elisabetta Rizzato of ITALIANBARK

About a month ago we came across the Italian interior design blog ITALIANBARK, and were instantly drawn to the aesthetic being presented.  Run by architect and interior designer Elisabetta Rizzato, ITALIANBARK highlights Italian design by looking at Italian interiors and having a special Made in Italy column once a week.  Beautifully curated, the best part (for non-Italians) is that it’s written in both Italian and English, so everyone can learn about and appreciate the Italian style.  Just last month Elisabetta received the Excellence Magazine Award 2017 by Houzz.  She’s been working with Houzz Italia since it began two years ago and the two have grown together.  Thoroughly impressed, we reach out to Elisabetta to see if she’d answer some questions for us, and we’re very pleased that she did.


What drew you to architecture and interior design?

Actually I wanted to do this job since I was very young, I used to draw houses since I was a child! I’ve always been attracted by the creative side of this job and I decided to study architecture at University when I still was very young.

What inspires you the most?

Traveling and visiting new places. I always come back from travels with a new vibe and a new motivation that I then put in my daily work, and also with new inspiration for my projects and for my blog ITALIANBARK.

How do you approach a new project/what’s your design process?

I think that the very first stage is the most important one. I listen carefully to client needs and ideas, watch carefully to the existing place/measures/requirements, then start with a brainstorming that could last several days catching ideas and inspirations, that I then put together in a coherent first moodboard.


What’s your favorite color palette?

I don’t have a favourite colour palette, I think colour it’s a very personal thing, depending on tastes and on the place of the project. Same colours can look great somewhere and awful somewhere else. My blog/Instagram/ and my own home are all on whites and airy atmospheres, neutrals+pastels shades, so my own mood is this one.  But I’m not forcing my projects into this because every client has his own taste and you design for your client not for yourself.

What’s your favorite current interior design trend?

I love the green trend in interiors: adding indoor plants in a design is a super beautiful and also affordable way to decorate and to make a home feel cozy.

What’s your least favorite interior design trend?

I do not like moody and dark interiors, as I said before I’m more into bright and airy atmospheres. Dark colours are great for stylings and graphics but in real life and home they are not so easy to be used.


How much do you follow design trends in your own work?

I’m inspired by them, but try to incorporate trends in a personal way.  Trends will pass, a good design will last!

How much has travel influenced your work?

Really a lot, both in the way I design and the sources I follow while looking for inspirations. Also, several of my clients are not from Italy but overseas (I offer online design services); you must have an open-minded approach to design for someone with a different culture from yours and probably in my case this comes from the travels I did and the times I spent living outside Italy.

Of the places you’ve traveled, which place has had the most exciting design?

For sure, Tokyo is the place where I traveled that impressed me the most for its architecture and design, love how technology and tradition coexist and their unique aesthetics. In Tokyo everything looks beautiful and functional, that’s the perfect place!


How would you describe Italian style interior design?

Italian style interior design is modern but cozy. Contemporary materials and design often are matched with more traditional materials, such as tiles, woods, marble. We tend not to use lots of bright colours and our interior design is sober, no excess in decoration, for example fabrics and textiles are used but not so much as for example it is in the US or UK.

How does Italian interior design differ from American interior design?

As said before, we are more minimalist when furnishing our homes. People outside Italy think Italian style is rich and decorated but that’s absolutely not, especially for the new generations!

Who’s your favorite designer?

At present Patricia Urquiola, love everything she designed (and the fact that she’s a female designer).


How did you come up with the name of your website and the pink dog logo?

The name ITALIANBARK really came out by chance. When I founded my blog I was tired and bored by my job and wanted the blog to be my own creative place. I wanted for the name something not related to job and which makes me smile, my small dog was perfect for this and she really barks a lot. I added the Italian prefix to tell about my origins and because I wanted to focus also on Italian interior design.

What do you think the future of design looks like?

In my opinion design will become more and more something for everybody and something to solve real life & society issues, not just a niche thing for just a few people.

Any advice for aspiring interior designers or architects?

I often receive mails from young graduates in architecture who would like to open a blog and do a creative job, freelancing, as I do. My advice however is first to look for a corporate/studio job and learn as much as you can from it, then start working on your own when you feel you have enough experience. Even the most boring jobs can teach a lot.


Thanks again for taking the time to answer our questions Elisabetta!  It’s always great to get some new perspectives on design. To see more of Elisabetta’s work check out her interior design website here.  You can also follow ITALIANBARK on Facebook and Instagram.


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