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When you think of Greece you may think of amazing beaches or the ancient Greek philosophers, but they also have gorgeous interior design.  You’ll probably be ready to book a trip to Greece by the end of this post – we know we were!  One interior design firm doing amazing work in Greece is Lime Deco.  Founded in 2007 by Maria Chatzistavrou the office is based in Kolonaki and does interior design work for private residences and commercial spaces.  The Lime Deco philosophy is to improve their clients’ quality of life by creating exceptional interior spaces that combine aesthetics and function.  We recently reached out to Maria to find out more about Lime Decor and Greek interior design.


Have you always been interested in design?

Actually I decided to study interior design at the age of eight. So, yes design was always part of my life. My job is my passion with which I earn money. Design is connected to my everyday life.

What are your favorite types of projects (residential, commercial, etc.)?

I change preferences and always look for new challenges. Ten years ago I was mostly designing commercial spaces and offices. Τhen I decided I don’t want to do that any more and pursued to design residences and summer retreats. Now my challenge is to design hotels and that is what I prefer to undertake. I have, though, something similar all these years. I love the challenge of different projects, with different style and budget.

How do you approach design?

I try to connect with the people involved, understand their needs and respect the available budget. After this first assessment, I visualize which style suits the most.  Design for me is a chemistry of all those things.

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What’s your favorite color palette?

Now the colors I mostly use are shades of grey and cigar. Ι think that there are global influences that become our favourites, since we mostly find furniture and decorative items that have this palette already.

What do you think is the most versatile color palette?

I think someone will find wider variety in the palette of beige and grey. Those are the colours that suit with everything. Their use is safer and you can put together even the most strong or dark colors and have good balance in your space.

What are some hallmarks of Greek design?

I must say that Greek design has influences of global design. But you could say that the climate, the sun and the variety of the landscape influence Greek design. So depending on the place you are in Greece, you might find white shades and simple lines like in Cyclades, or dark and rough shapes like on a mountain scenery.

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How does Greek design differ from American interior design?

The same way as the weather, the landscape and the daily light differs. American design involves in bigger spaces and you could say in more imposing spaces. More people will get involved and the marketing of design is addressed to more people. Greek design is in a lot smaller scale and more simple

What inspires you the most?

The most inspiring thing for me, is to design a space that will become a wonderful daily routine of a family, a traveler or an employee. After all I design spaces and spaces are to be lived. My challenge is the design something unique for every client I have.

Who’s your favorite designer?

I admire the work of many designers but usually I find influence in such different things, like fashion, a street market, an old piece of furniture, a painting or even the view from a window. I also prefer to design different projects so I cannot stick with the style of a specific designer.

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What’s your favorite piece of furniture?

Barcelona Chair is one of my favourites. It is a piece of art, functional, elegant and timeless. You could find it either in a modern or in a heavy classic interior.

What’s your favorite interior design trend?

I love to use natural materials. To mix linen, bamboo, wicker. I think those materials are closer to us. At the same time I adore the classic material like marble and wood. Mostly I love the variety of marbles and αlthough it is a timeless material ιτ has again become fashionable.

What do you think the next popular interior design trend will be?

If you look at the fashion market, you will see that classics are coming back. Even the clothes are becoming more complicated and elaborate, so [interior] design will follow.

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What do you think is the key to good design?

Harmony, balance and functionality and all those in the available budget.

What’s your favorite home accessory?

Ι believe that lights and curtains make a home complete.

Any advice for aspiring interior designers?

Always respect the will and the budget of their client and do their job with passion and open mind.

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Thanks again Maria for taking the time to answer our questions!  We always appreciate getting a new perspective on design.  To keep up to date on Maria’s work you can visit her website and follow her on Instagram and Facebook.

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