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Small Space Hacks: Five Decorating Ideas To Live Smartly In A Studio Apartment (Guest Post)

Stylish is not precisely the first word that may enter into your mind when you think about studio apartments. Whether you are just setting out in your first place or moving to a large city, living in a studio apartment can introduce some challenges. First and foremost, studio apartments usually have insufficient storage capacity and living in a place where your bedroom and living room becomes one can be troublesome. And it can be upsetting if you don’t know what to do about it. Organizing your furniture is difficult when all of it is in one room. Still, here you are, in your studio apartment and all the things have to go someplace. For a little help, listed below are five decorating ideas you can use for your studio apartment.

Divide and Overcome

A wall does not automatically have to be constructed in to serve as a visual partition between various functional spaces.  The walls can be as simple as a ceiling-mounted curtain or a fixed piece of furniture.  Additionally, a smart glass wall is also an excellent alternative for a regular wall. It separates your bedroom space from other functional spaces in your studio apartment but still grants natural light to spread throughout the room. Although you want to build spaces and have intimate moments in your bedroom, be sure you do not obstruct your source of light. Utilize wall partitions or dividers to avoid making your apartment cramped and dark.

Minimal Furniture

It may sound rude, particularly if you really adore furniture, but one of the excellent ways to spruce up your studio apartment is to have minimalist pieces of furniture. Opt for pieces that can offer multiple functions to save money and yes, space. In a small space like a studio apartment, multifunctional furniture is your lifesaver. Studios can be as livable as any home. However, the key to having a comfortable home is the right furniture.

Place Artwork On The Wall

Adding wall art in your studio can do some extraordinary things in your studio apartment. It can provide texture and color, hide any imperfections on the walls, divert your guest’s attention from any unappealing elements, and incorporate your style and personality for everyone to see. Attaching wall hanging pieces will let you jazz up your studio apartment without damaging the drywall. If you are unable to have large and framed prints, then try creating a wall full of your pictures, wall sculptures, and other type of structural elements.

A Splash Of Bold Colors

Do not be afraid to create an inspiring and happy space for your studio apartment. As a matter of fact, small-scale spaces can leverage the form through a splash of bright colors. Selecting the right color will be the best decision you can make for your home. You might believe that small rooms restrict your design ideas, but design is all about building an optical illusion. It’s also about how to make small spaces feel bigger, lighter, and more splendid than they really are. You can use a single color in your space to make it feel bigger. It is an elegant and seamless way of making your studio apartment feel larger. By skillfully selecting a color, you can make your room feel and look roomy and comfortable.

Go Upright

Considering that the floor space is definite, utilize the walls to flaunt your various collectibles and art objects through floating shelves. These are excellent for switching displays, and you can constantly change the look of your space depending on the season and your mood. Be creative when it comes to finding additional storage in your studio. There will always be high areas in your place that you can take advantage of. You can use easy-to-install wall hooks or you can do it yourself.


When you only have limited space in your home, every design selection counts. With a strategic plan and excellent decorations, you can instantly expand your studio apartment and create the home that you truly deserve. To magically transform your studio apartment, you can utilize some dividers, own minimal furniture, add some wall art, go with bold colors, and go vertical.

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