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Spotlight On: Incy Interiors

The first week back to work and school after the winter holidays is a tough one, especially when it’s been as bitter cold as it has been here by us in the France & Son office.  Visions of our nice warm, cozy beds are still running through our heads.  Finding a high-quality, stylish bed frame can be a bit of a chore however.  Many can be large and obtrusive, especially if you have a smaller bedroom.  Others may look nice but start to creak and crack after a couple of years of use.  It can especially be a problem finding stylish beds for children.  Luckily there’s a company here to help.  Today we take a look at Australian company Incy Interiors.





Incy Interiors was founded by Kristy Withers after her search for her son Oscar’s first “big boy bed” was long and exhausting.  Even after searching throughout Australia and overseas Kristy was left frustrated and without a new bed for her son.  Instead of feeling defeated, she saw this as an opportunity to bring quality designer furniture to Australia, and with the help from some talented people – Incy Interiors was born.  As a mom, Kristy knows that safety is of the utmost importance when it comes to children’s’ beds and Incy Interiors’ furniture is designed and engineered to meet the highest safety standards.  It is rigorously and regularly tested by independent laboratories to ensure compliance with safety criteria. All wooden furniture is made from hardwoods and plywood, and all finishes are non-toxic and free of health hazards associated with VOC (volatile organic compounds).


Even if you don’t have a child (or one on the way), with full and queen size frames available  Incy Interiors’ beds are a great option for adults as well.  With sleek, clean lines their simple yet attractive bed frames will fit into almost any decor.  Whether looking for a new bed for yourself or a guest room, make sure to check out what Incy Interiors has to offer.