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Spotlight On: Kalalou

One of the best ways to add personality to your space is through accessories.  Lighting, shelving, bowls, candlesticks, these are all opportunities to let your personal style shine.  There are a ton of brands that sell home accessories, so it can become a bit overwhelming when trying to find what you’re looking for.  Today we’re going to take a look at one source for home accessories that we like – Kalalou.



A leading designer and supplier of unique, fun, and fascinating products for home accents, garden decor, and gift arenas, Kalalou was founded by Doug and Susan Williams in the 1980s.  Inspired by handcrafted baskets they found on a trip to Jamaica, the couple soon made a business of importing unique products from different countries.  The couple and their company have gone on to develop charitable projects in several of the countries where they do business.  Not only socially conscious, the company is also committed to using recycled and/or sustainable materials for their products.  The word Kalalou is Creole in origin for a type of soup that is never made the same way twice, much like many of the company’s artisan pieces.



From the whimsical to the rustic there’s a little something for everyone.  They also have both indoor and outdoor accessories covered, meaning you can get all you need in one place.  So next time you’re looking for that perfect accessory for your space, make sure to check out Kalalou.

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