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Spotlight On: New Growth Designs

We’re in the heart of winter which means when you look out the window you’re not seeing a lot of green.  But what options are there?  Other than relocating to an area that has super mild winters, your main option is to turn to fake plants that will stay the same year round.  A lot of people may have negative connotations of fake plants, with visions of clearly plastic and fabric flowers and leaves sitting around gathering dust.  But not all fake plants are created equal.  As technology improves fake plants are becoming increasingly lifelike and a more viable alternative to the real thing.  Today we’re taking a look at one resource for year-long greenery and flowers – New Growth Designs.

New Growth Designs was founded in the 1990s in Greenville, North Carolina by Ed Glenn.  Ed and his wife Jef already owned a small flower shop and had made a name for themselves as floral designers.  The pair had even decorated events at the White House.  Due to some of the challenges of the fresh flower industry Ed decided to look for high-quality alternatives, but wasn’t pleased with any of the options.  He decided to take things into his own hands and begin making his own permanent botanicals.  The business really got started when some friends featured his flowers in their High Point Market showrooms.  Today the business is housed in a 60,000 square foot production and design space, and is a leading provider of high-end artificial plants and greenery world-wide.  Each arrangement is still designed by Ed with his meticulous attention to detail and is hand-assembled in Greenville, North Carolina by a team of designers who are dedicated to creating the most realistic botanical reproductions possible.  Starting in 2013 the company also launched New Growth Designs Outdoor, which features a line of faux, UV-resistant boxwood balls, topiaries, and hedges for outdoor use.

While we’re huge proponents of keeping real houseplants in your space, we can definitely see the value of high quality fake plants as well.  Especially for outdoor greenery, these faux plants have the advantage of being able to be buried in snow and come out looking just as good as they did in the summer.  New Growth Designs’ flower collection is also a great option for people who love the look of flowers but suffer from pollen allergies.  All the beauty with none of the sneezing.  So next time you’re in the market for fake plants, make sure to check out New Growth Designs.