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Spotlight On: Thomas Bina

Some people want everything to be brand new, and can’t see the value of objects that may be past their prime.  But some designers are able to look at old, abandoned things and see a new life for them.  This practice of reclaiming and re-purposing old wood is good for the environment since it uses trees that have already been cut down instead of cutting down new ones.  Pieces made with reclaimed materials feel like they have more of a history and story to them than ones made entirely brand new, which is a desirable trait for many people.  Today we’re taking a look at one designer who works with reclaimed materials – Thomas Bina.

A Los Angeles native, Thomas Bina was a pioneer and early innovator of sustainable design.  His pieces are hand-crafted from sustainably harvested and reclaimed woods and often feature a beautiful juxtaposition of warm patinas with rough and refined woods.  He seeks out sources that are not found in the marketplace and goes searching for them in perhaps unexpected locations.  Bina believes that the energy you put into a product is just as important as the materials, and the organic appeal of the results reflect that philosophy.

If you love modern style with a rustic edge, Thomas Bina’s work is for you.  His pieces have both a sense of elegant refinement and playfulness that will elevate any decor.  With something for every room of the home it’s a great choice for more industrial inspired spaces.