Summer Inspirations: Four Reasons We Love the Sunset Colors Trend

Who doesn’t love watching a brilliant summer sunset?  The awe-invoking beauty of nature captured in sunsets has been inspiring artists and writers for centuries.  As the trend for returning to nature gains in popularity, so do nature inspired trends.  Sunset palettes have already become popular in makeup and hair trends and now they’re beginning to work their way into the home.  Here are some reasons we’re excited these palettes are gaining in popularity.


The Colors Go Together – Naturally

When choosing a color palette from nature you don’t have to worry about whether or not the colors go together, you’ll have already seen for yourself that they do.  Since it’s almost impossible for the colors to clash you can have fun mixing and matching the different hues.  Colors you may not normally think of putting together can actually make a compelling look that will liven up your space.


It Can Be Bold or Subtle

Each sunset is different giving you a lot of inspiration options.  For those inspired by a bold, fiery sunset you can fill your space with warm oranges and reds.  If a lighter, less intense sunset is more your speed you can choose from more pastel colors.  And if you don’t want to overwhelm the space with too many colors you can keep it super subtle and just choose your favorite sunset color and go for a monochrome look.


It’s A High Impact Style Refresh

Whether you go for bold or more abstract, injecting your space with some sunset colors is sure to freshen up your decor.  You don’t need a lot of these hues to make a big impact.  If you don’t want to paint the walls or reupholster the furniture some well chosen decor accessories in the colors of your sunset palette will still create a high-style space with minimum effort.


It Can Be Literal Or Abstract

The most literal way to incorporate the sunset colors trend into your decor is to find a painting or photo of a sunset that you love and hang it on the wall.  You can also take the colors from your favorite sunset and paint them in a gradient on the wall to create your own permanent sunset.  If you love the colors but don’t want to be so literal you can pull the colors from the sunset palette and spread them out throughout the space for a more abstracted sunset.


Since there are so many options this trend works with almost any style decor.  From minimalist to mid-century modern; traditional to contemporary there are ways to work sunset colors into your space.  To get inspiration take pictures of sunsets that really catch your eye.  Form there it’s easy to use apps or other color-matching technology to help you put together your palette and get started creating a decor that will capture the beauty of summer sunsets all year.  Here are some other rooms we found inspiring.




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