Sustainable Fashion and Furniture: Six Brands Leading the Way to Celebrate on Earth Day

As we blow through our planet’s resources, sustainability is perhaps becoming more important than ever.  Even the most staunch minimalist will admit that there are a few things you just need; a few pieces of clothing and furniture fall into that category.  Luckily as more companies in both fields are realizing this importance, to both their customers and the planet itself, there are more and more options to choose from.  Below are six brands who own the eco-friendly game and prove that you don’t have to have crunchy granola style to help save the planet.



Amour Vert

Though their name means “Green Love” in French, all of Amour Vert’s products are designed and produced by women in California.  That alone cuts down on carbon emissions from shipping costs.  They’ve also partnered with American Forests to plant a tree in North America for every t-shirt sold.  Firm believers that great fashion and social responsibility can coexist the brand only uses non-toxic dyes, sustainable fabrics like wool and recycled polyester, and maintains a zero-waste philosophy.  Part of that zero-waste philosophy is creating garments that are long-lasting and won’t end up thrown out in a few months.




As a company focusing on outdoor products it’s no surprise that Fermob is committed to environmental respect and sustainability.  All of the brand’s furniture has steel or aluminum as its main material which comes in sheets or reels of recycled metal.  The powder paints used to achieve their selection of bold colors are also fully recyclable, as well as solvent free.  They not only hold themselves to strict sustainability standards, but only choose suppliers that meet them as well.  Their products are built to last, but when they do one day need to be replaced the furniture itself is also fully recyclable.

ARDECHE_Tom Watson pour Fermob (5).jpg


United by Blue

As a company that takes a hands-on approach to their environmentally conscious philosophy, United by Blue was started out of a desire to preserve the great outdoors.  Their name is inspired by our oceans, and for every product sold they remove one pound of trash from Earth’s oceans and waterways through company-organized cleanups.  They even hosted the first cleanup the same week their first shirt was sold.  Aimed at those who love to explore nature they started with just organic cotton t-shirts but have since expanded to a range of responsible, and durable goods made from sustainable materials.  They hold their suppliers to specific environmental standards, use mostly recycled materials around the office, and provide paid time off for employees to partake in community service.



Cisco Brothers

You never have to doubt Cisco Brothers’ commitment to sustainability and being environmentally friendly.  Since their goal is to build furniture that is made from only the finest sustainable, organic sources that are free from pesticides and chemicals they are extremely particular in choosing their materials.  They also make sure to work exclusively with vendors with humane and fair trade business practices.  Their Inside Green technology uses natural latex, organic wool, organic goose feathers and down – natural materials that are not only superior in terms of comfort and longevity, but are inherently flame retardant and hypoallergenic.  All of their furniture is constructed using only FSC-certified wood and they apply only natural plant-based, sustainable, non-polluting oil stains to them.




Kowtow offers more than just chic, minimalist style.  With each product comes their environmentally and socially conscious philosophy behind it.  From seed to garment the brand is committed to producing only organic, fair-trade clothing.  The use of 100% organic cotton benefits not only the wearer but the community where the cotton is grown.  By not allowing chemical pesticides to seep into the environment the animals and humans in the surrounding area can drink cleaner water and live healthier lives.




Copeland makes our list because they’re one of only a handful of companies to be awarded Silver Exemplary Membership Status by Sustainable Furnishings Council for meeting a range of specific sustainability measures.  All of the lumber used for their furniture comes from within 500 miles of the factory, which cuts down on fossil fuel use and carbon emissions.  Since the lumber is from U.S. forests it’s also ensured that the hardwood is obtained from legal and well maintained forests.  They’ve also reduced packaging material purchases by installing a box making machine that allows them to make only what’s needed and they recycle all packaging waste, reducing their landfill disposal.  To top it off they heat their building completely with wood waste from the manufacturing operation, which further reduces their need for imported oil.



There’s been a bit of a misconception, especially in fashion, that eco-friendly and sustainable products can’t be stylish and are made of sub-par materials.  As the previous six brands proved that is certainly not the case.  You can easily buy products that look great and will last a long time and are still environmentally friendly.  Hopefully you’ll go out and plant some flowers or clean up some litter for Earth Day, but if that’s not your style you can at least shop these brands and know that the planet is still being helped.

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