The Star is Stripes: Four Reasons to Embrace the Stripes Trend

Stripes have been growing in popularity in the fashion world for the past few years, and now the trend is moving into the home.  With so many options of type and color of stripe to use, it’s easy to work the stripe trend into almost any decor style.  From nautical themed to transitional, elegant to bold, your room will get a bump in style by working in some stripes.  Besides versatility, here are some reasons we’re loving the stripes trend.


They’re A Timeless Pattern

Though the popularity of stripes may ebb and flow, stripes themselves are somewhat timeless.  Stripes have an enduring appeal which means the pattern will never really go out of fashion.  The simplicity of stripes will give your decor an update that’s timeless and chic.  It just happens to at the moment also be trendy.  But once the trend passes your interior won’t look dated.


They Can Trick the Eye

If you follow fashion at all you’re likely aware of the “rule” that says vertical stripes on clothing help to make you look taller while horizontal stripes can make you look wider.  This same idea holds true for rooms.  If you have a room with a low ceiling that you want to appear more spacious, adding vertical stripes to the wall can help create the illusion of height.  Horizontal stripes on the wall can help a room feel wider since they draw the eye further into the room.  Horizontal stripes can be a great addition to hallways and other connecting spaces because they act almost like arrows without being so obvious.  Follow the stripes and you’ll get to the next room!


They Create an Instant Focal Point

Whether bold black and white or fun colors, stripes are going to draw in the eye, whatever room they’re in.  You can use stripes to create an accent wall, bring attention to interesting architectural details or just to your favorite piece of furniture.  Stripes on the floors and the walls can even help promote a sense of order in a space.


They Can Be a Jumping Off Point for Color

If using monochrome stripes you can pull from there to get the rest of the colors for your accents throughout the room.  Using darker and lighter hues of the color in the stripes allows you to bring in other patterns without overwhelming the space.  If multi-color stripes are more your fashion you can use the colors in the stripes to create your color palette for the room.  The stripes will help anchor the rest of the colors.


There are many ways to inject stripes into your decor.  Thick stripes will add a more modern look, but thin stripes can be just as impactful.  Accessories like pillows and bedding are always one of the easiest ways to incorporate a new trend.  But if you’re really digging stripes you could add them to your wall through paint or wallpaper, add them to the floor with an area rug, or even invest in striped pieces of furniture.  So whatever your commitment level, get out there and bring some stripes into your home.

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