Think Pink! Five Ways to Add Pink to Your Decor

When people think of pink interiors visions of little girls’ bedrooms are often one of the first things to come to mind.  But pink can be so much more than that.  Pink can be not only cheery and feminine but also sophisticated, bold, and sexy.  With so many different shades of pink available, from pale pastel pink to bold fuchsia, there’s a match for any type of mood you want to set in a room.  The current trendy shade of pink is rose quartz, which has started being referred to as “Millennial Pink” because of its popularity with young adults, but you don’t have to be a Millennial to see the benefits of adding some pink to your life.  Besides the aesthetics the shade has been shown to reduce stress and anxiety.  To take advantage of these benefits, here are some ways to work pink into your decor.


In the Dining Room

You may think that pink in the dining room is an unusual choice, but if you love to entertain a pink dining room might be the way to go.  By making the walls of your dining room pink it can bring out the natural tones of the guests themselves making everyone both look and feel good.  If you don’t want to commit to painting your walls pink you can test the waters by adding a mostly pink temporary wallpaper to see how you like it.  Pink is also a good choice for the dining room since it pairs well with brown, meaning it will complement wood dining tables and chairs.


In the Living Room

Pink can be a great way to energize a space, so if your living room is starting to feel a little stale, pink could be the perfect way to pep it up.  A pink sofa or lounge chair will make a statement without overwhelming the space.  As always if you’re not ready to commit to a color some throw pillows and rugs are probably the best way to add some bursts of color to living spaces.  Pink pillows are wonderful complements to brown and gray upholstery.  A pink lamp is also a fun, and perhaps less expected, way to add pink to your space.


In the Bedroom

The bedroom is a good place to start your experiment with pink, if nothing else because it’s a private room, so you won’t have to worry about guests seeing your color experiments.  But the bedroom is also a good match for pink because of the romantic associations with the color.  Whether going for a soft, romantic pale pink or a bold, sexy bright pink the color will certainly be able to set the mood of the room.  Textiles are a quick way to inject your space with pink, so between bedding, pillows, throws and rugs there are ample opportunities in the bedroom to bring in pink.


Pair with Metallics

If you opt for a softer shade of pink, try pairing it with metallics within the decor.  Copper and rose gold work especially well with pinks since their own pink undertones pick up and reflect the pink in the room.  Pink paired with gold or silver/chrome takes on a more sophisticated look.  Metallics are a natural complement to pinks and can help create a relaxed, welcoming interior.


As A Neutral

Perhaps the best way to add pink to your space is to think of it as a new neutral.  While some of the brighter, bold shades will still be accent colors, the softer, paler pinks can be an interesting alternative to beige.  This can work especially well if you pair it with other neutrals like white, gray, brown, and black.  If using softer pink as a neutral you can then also layer bolder pinks with it to create a sophisticated palette for your room.  Pink works well as a neutral because it’s subtle without being boring and fun without being too flashy.  It has a sense of balance that can make a space feel peaceful and welcoming without being bland.


Pink has a history of being a very polarizing color, often most associated with bubble gum and Barbie dolls, but the latest resurgence of pink is changing that.  As such a traditionally feminine color pink is being taken back and owned by the feminist movement and is gaining recognition as the powerful color it always had the potential to be.  Whether you want to make a political statement or just an aesthetic one, it’s time to add some pink to your life.

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