Ultra Violet Inspiration: Five Ways to Decorate with Purple

It’s been about a month since Pantone announced their Color of the Year for 2018, Ultra Violet.  While there was some initial push-back about the color, now that the dust has settled, more people are embracing Pantone’s choice.  Purple can be a very divisive color, some people love and and some people just hate it, but it seems that more people are beginning to come around to it.  Purple is actually a surprisingly versatile color to work with.  Since it’s composed of red and blue it can work with both warm and cool color palettes, and it has a variety of colors that complement it, including last year’s Color of the Year Greenery, and our pick for Color of the Year, yellow.  For those willing to jump into the Ultra Violet pool, here are some ways to work purple into your decor.

On the Walls (or Doors)

If you have a room that’s itching for a fresh coat of paint, consider going with purple.  If you really want to embrace Ultra Violet you can paint all the walls purple, but for those a bit more hesitant you can easily just paint an accent wall purple, of use a wallpaper that has purple has its main color.  Another easy way to use paint to add purple to your decor is by painting a door (or multiple doors) the royal hue.  Whether your exterior door, an interior door, or a closet door that pop of purple is sure to brighten up any space.

With Furniture and Lighting

Furniture is also an easy way to add purple to a space, though with larger pieces it is a bit of a commitment to the color.  But a rich purple sofa or armchair in contrast against a white or light neutral wall is going to look stunning no matter the style of the room.  Purple is also a great color to pair with velvet, whose popularity is still going strong in home decor this year.  Lighting is also a fun, and perhaps unexpected, way to add some purple to your interior.  Whether just switching out shades, or finding that perfect purple fixture there’s a surprising amount of purple lighting options out there, between ceiling and table lamps, to choose from.  (tip 2 – furniture)

Through Rugs

Rugs are always a good way to add color and pattern to a room.  A good rug may not always be cheap, but compared to furniture and paint it’s easy to switch in and out as trends and your tastes change.  It’s also a good option for those who are a bit wary about the color.  Since it’s on the floor it’s not in your immediate line of sight all the time, but it’s still contributing to the color palette of the room.

Added Accessories

Accessories are the commitment-phobe’s best friend when it comes to trying out trends.  Accessories can be found at almost any price point, are easily switched out, and can be added to any room of the home.  Purple pillows and throws will add a lovely pop of color to neutral furniture while keeping you cozy warm during the winter.  Art that has a lot of purple in it, or purple tapestries, can add purple to the wall in a less permanent way than paint.  Purple tabletop accessories can add the hue to your tables and bookcases.

With Flowers

Flowers and plants are a great natural way to add purple to a room.  If you often have bouquets of flowers in your home, start choosing ones with more purple flowers like hydrangeas, purple calla lilies, lilacs, or lavender.  For those with more of a green thumb you can look for houseplants that come with purple flowers or foliage.  Or if you don’t want to deal with real flowers at all you can always use purple floral prints for artwork, rugs, wallpaper, or textiles.

Hopefully this post has inspired you to add a little purple to your decor.  Or even if you still don’t like it for your own space, hopefully you can now at least admit that it has the potential to look great in a variety of styles.  And for those who have always loved purple – this is your year to shine!  Enjoy seeing your favorite color pop up everywhere and be more accessible than ever.

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